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So I've been MIA from the blogging scene for about 2 months, not for lack of things to write but just plain lack of time!

I know, I know, its just like exercising. If you REALLY want to, you have to make the time.

But I've truly been very busy. I mean, when it rains it POURS. Like Typhoon 8 without an umbrella pouring styles!

Film development meetings, clothing designs, photo shoots, lions and tigers...oh my!

But one of the biggest projects has been the production of our new TV Show, "CB FRESH". Myself and several fellow AnD artists have been grinding away for the past 3 months on this, and just now we are nearing the end of Stage 2, the post-production phase. Next up, is the Live Event/Unveiling which we are hard at work on putting together. The site is up now too, so you can go check it out here:



During the past several weeks, we've been doing marathon editing and development meetings. The thing is we don't have an official OFFICE. As we are just getting on our feet, the majority of our budget has gone straight into the show, which leaves nothing much for renting office space.

Aaaah, but in this day and age, who needs to be tied down to ONE location?

With the popularity and practicality of Laptops, Wi-Fi available almost everywhere, portable Hard Drives powered by USB, a large backpack and a pair of clean Delay No More underwear, today's start up companies need not be limited to the confines of four walls.

We can literally go anywhere and plug-in to the Matrix.

UNOFFICIAL OFFICE #1 - TSUEN WAN Our first session started in L'Hotel in Nina Tower, located in Tsuen Wan. I had a 4 day photo gig there and the company was good enough to put me up in the hotel. Hearing that, the boys decided to crash my room and turn it into a boiler room. While I worked downstairs, they powered away on their comps. Whenever I had a break, I would come upstairs and check on them, only to be welcomed by piles of rice boxes, instant 3-in-1 coffee, candy and coke. Fun times.

UNOFFICIAL OFFICE #2 - PO LAM Round Two saw us heading to Po Lam, literally the ends of Hong Kong and about as far east as you can go on the MTR. Our man Rob lives there and offered his place, sweetening the deal by saying that he'd COOK AND CLEAN for us. We couldn't pass that up!

The Set Up

Simon hard at work.

...Hour 18... (Brought to you by Oreos and Häagen- Dazs®)

We would not see the last of this little blue bar...


Our third stop was at the restaurant POST 97, tucked away in LKF, Central. We had a meeting there first with Spencer around noon. WE STAYED TIL THEY CLOSED. We literally had breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert there! I think we got an honorary table named for us!

The Set Up - marking our territory.

We OWNED the joint.

Three's Company.

Never leave home without it!


The latest session was held in Mongkok, in a cool little cafe called TC2: CAFE WORKSHOP. I think "Workshop" says it all. This place had very cool decor and was nice a chill, playing very soothing jazzy music. We even bumped into a TVB actress, who for some reason, had access to a secret room in the back. She just disappeared behind a glass wall!

Who needs a "Green" Room?

Anyway, there will definitely be more cool places to come! Next several weeks are pretty crucial and I forsee many marathons coming soon...

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