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Snuggie Power!

It was on the local shopping network, so how could I resist! I think it's not the 'original' Snuggie but well, it's just as soft and warm plus all my pet-family members love it too!!

Since most of you have seen the outside of a Snuggie, I'll share some 'inside' pics!

They arrived in 3 colors, 2 light blue, red and dark blue

Me picked light blueee

Melody loves it too!

And then she fell asleep during our photo shoot!! "I'm going to call your agent!" ( hmm..that sounds familiar ) Or maybe I should get her, her own?

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what view is this?!?
about 13 years ago
Photo 53024
It's inside the Snuggie view, Etchy! You no like? :P
about 13 years ago


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