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I Give Up..

I've given up hope that Toby Eisenhower's ears are going to curl as it's suppose to on an American Curl cat. He's almost 4 months and that's when their ears will set. He's a defect!! Alright, maybe that's too harsh a word to use on a little kitten but .. what's an American Curl when they don't curl? I know looks shouldn't matter so much but, but..

Well, even though his ears didn't curl back as supposed. He's undeniably a sweetheart. He's a PURRRRRR-er. And he loves to nap in my arms, sleeps next to me every night and comes check what I'm up to whenever I'm on the computer. He eats a lot though. Always hungry..and I mean ALWAYS! He has a cute character and loves company. As for Bear, I rarely see him around now a days, only during meal time or when he wants to come share some a/c. Otherwise, he's out of sight. As for the little new guy, he's sitting next to me on the bed right now and whenever I put my hand on him, he starts to purrr like a Harley!! Aww..lookee him, he just plonked his head on my hand as I am typing this. Lemmi try get my phone and take a pic!!

As we say in Singlish 'So cute one!' Ok stop laughing @ my fat and short fingers!! Nobody's perfect!! I have gorgeous toes tho!

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I'd purr too ;P I think the only thing I miss from my epically failed marriage is my cats.
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Live it, love it, learn it. That's life! •• I'm sorry but I find it weird and I do not accept friend request from people I do not know personally or haven't

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