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Valentine's day cooking

I woke up to a nice bucket of flower, delivered right to my door.  Flower never interests me, not till the late few years... hahaha... I guess the saying all women love flowers is true. "Women" not "girls" hahaha On this year's valentine's day, I decided to cook soup![](/attachments/2011/02/14/23/50809_201102142352271.thumb.jpg)It takes 4 hours to cook... First dish, yummy~Received this last night, it's hard to find a man that would spend that much time to cook this days. haha... cute.. and sweet, dun u think?I haven't cooked for a while. Cooking takes a lot of love and I can only cook good food when I am in love, otherwise my cooking tastes like: _ _ _ _and this is my hamster's V Day dinnerdessert timeok... I am asked to make a cake... ingredients ready... eggs, instant flour, oil, milk, etcused to make cake 12 years ago, but nothing instant like this. haha...can u guess which ones are mine??in the meantime the soup is almost readyok muffin.... is donewhich one is mine?another one of mine...hahaha2nd roundOK! I am too greedy now my heart muffin look... like... a ... i dunno what... haha (upper left)soup is ready~the one that look like _ _ _ _ is hericiumcooking done with lots and lots of love... is sweet to the tongue and warm to the heart

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Looks delicious! :)
over 12 years ago
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over 12 years ago


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