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HAPPY times

After shooting snowblade I am back to training again Then going to HKAFA was fun too...That night turned out to be Cara G's birthdayThen the SNOWBLADE's partyDoing camera test with Peter PaoOne day after casting, 魚景灣is so beautiful... can't help but sit and take a picture...Before 《FRIENDS》programmeWent on a cruise with Mike and Bey and some other really cool and sexy bikini girls... made me wanted to pose and take a few pictures myself hahaBefore the interview with some nominated directors and scriptwriters of HKFAABeing a reporter on HKFAACongratulations to 《GALLANTS》and Teddy Robinthis picture is blurry but I can't help think that it actually looked pretty cool... hahahaha.Teddy is such a nice person...So happy for him!!! Then 《GALLANTS》director, Clement Cheng featured on 《FRIENDS》 The past week has been crazy... actually the past month, pretty much.and my shifu, MAK SHIFUTeddy's party:Last but not least, my favourite hamster:Life has been crazy busy lately but... it's fun. All the laughter, pain and tears mixed in a blender. G.R.E.A.T

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You look really nice on this pic... Very simple and natural... :)
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