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Crazy busy!

In a way it's good that I have been busy. In other way, I miss my bed. Anyway, just some pics...

This is just fitting and testing the make up and look. Somehow 9pm ended up to be 00:00am.

Rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing. I guess Jean really enjoyed every moment a lot.

This is to see if we look good together on screen. I didn't realize my hair is that long already.

I like the dress, I especially like it with my shoes coz I look so tall.

the owner of the bike rushed out of the building about to scold whoever sit on his bike without his permission. When he saw me, he was stunned and ran back inside. He came out again outside saying sorry while walking backwards. I was surprised. I thought I was the one who should say sorry to him. Hm... I shothongkong tomorrow. Can't wait to watch the screenings.

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it's for a french teaser.
about 14 years ago
Photo 61114
Hey this is cool! I JUST worked with that guy! He was starring in a commercial I just shot on Sunday! Is it a love story?
about 14 years ago


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