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We're Number 1...We're Number 1 !!!

1st at this pit stop...Go Team HK …!!!

Sony Style Store

We had to go to the Sony Store inside Sogo department store in Taipei to get our next clue.  Our task at the store was to search through thousands of Blu-ray discs for the “ Correct” disc.  We used the Sony Blu-ray disc player to play the discs onto the Bravia screen to see if found the correct disc. Sam and I decided to systematically go through each disc from the first shelf instead of randomly picking discs.  We were extremely lucky and within the fifteen minutes we found the Correct disc.  ( Actually the disc didn’t read properly the first time we inserted it into the machine and we were about to discard it but decided to give it another chance…. Damn luckily we did!!! ) Fast Forward…Pit Stop When we opened the clue we saw the green fast forward envelope so we decided to give it a go… We had no idea what our task was… so when we got there we were a little shocked to see that in order to receive the fast forward we had to get tattoos!!  Hmm well I’ve always thought about getting a tattoo but just never got around to it… So I was excited…what better way to remember my experience on the Race haha… we were told that the tattoo shop (Kevin’s Tattoos)was owned by the “tattoo king” of Taipei haha .. (in fact his wife inked me).    I think Sam had some reservations but after thinking about it he was OK with it too… We had to pick the design from a book and I decided to go with a Dragon and Sam picked a Celtic symbol.  The actual tattooing took about half an hour and then we were on our way to the pit stop at the Astronomical Museum. We were lucky to have gone for the fast forward because when talking to the other teams afterward and now from watching everything that they went through … man I would not want to do their tasks haha!  Henry told us that the coal mine task was CRAZY …. The coal mine itself was hard to find and the task was so physically demanding … looking for a souvenir in a huge cart of coal NO THANKS especially after our experience with looking for  “IT” the day before ( side note when were leaving the tattoo shop… we saw AD and Fuzzy running around that area so I think that they were thinking on possibly going for the Fast Forward …that’s why they got to the coal mine after Bernie and Henry)   …and after that, the detour of picking up those bears in the arcade machine or transporting water up the stairs? HAHA .. NO WAY…

Team HK #1 for now… tune in to AXN Thursday night to see what happens next.

After watching last episode I had some thoughts…..

After watching myself on TV without my shirt on …I thought " man I REALLY need to hit the gym" haha.. any gyms wanna sponsor me ?? Alan Wuyou better watch out ... I'm gonna give you a run for your money  HAHAHA Most people ask me how the tattooing felt…the way I would describe it would be someone digging their nails into you!!! … actually… I kinda want another one now… people say that they’re addictive … hmm what do you think I should get and where should I put it?

 …any tattoo artists out there…?


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you should talk to Joey Pang ( /joeypang ).
almost 15 years ago
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thats a really tough choice. I think if I were Sam I would have still said no... do they give you guys rules? like the tattoo has to be at least a certain size? (you have to go everywhere together, right?)
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did you go to the golf thing in Thailand yet?
almost 15 years ago
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Vince Matthew Chung, you are my hero.
almost 15 years ago


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