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I must say thanks and thanks and thanks again to Alivenotdead

A girl without an agency, not particularly good or bad or deserve any noise, is actively promoted in this site which has allowed me to know many many friends and let you know about me!

Thanks SOOOOO much!

Gonna have another concert soon~ and invited to perform in SZ

some composing tasks as well, add oil Venus!!

Just wonder, if there's any good photographer+image people would be interested in helping me taking portraits to put on poster?

To be frank only transportation could be paid at this moment. But I'm more than willing to share with anyone who's with me even when I'm not shining yet.

Any song you want me to sing in the next show? Let me know! I'll sing and put the videos up even in case you can't come!

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some suggestions - try Berton Chang, Ivy Lam or Derrick Fong, all on the site!
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