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晚上見!See you all tonight! #sulawesiforJesus #Godisgood #GloryontoHim #JesusSwagger

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After a long flight to Manado, this made it all worthwhile. Hahaha Thank you Mawar Sharon Church for the cute welcome~! #sulawesiforJesus tonight! Be prepared for God's glory to come down~ #AriseandShine

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So sad to find out about the recent tsunami in Japan... My heart prayers and sincere condolences to all of you. Stay strong, #prayforjapan

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@xxarissacheoxx 🌷

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台北 W 飯店支持「聯合國兒童基金會」舉辦的臉書慈善競標「 FIT健身中心會員 一年期 」現在開始! W 粉絲們,讓我們搶標的同時,一起為全世界需要幫助的兒童們貢獻一份心力吧,Let’s go >

W Taipei’s UNICEF “Check Out for Children” Charity Facebook Auction Starts NOW! Place your bid in ”FIT Gym One Year Membership” and take part in this international charity campaign. W fans, let's bid >

  • The system may take a while when logging into this auction app, please wait a bit and have fun bidding! 您登入本拍賣app時,需要一點點的系統運作時間,請您稍候不要走開唷,祝您幸運得標!
  • Learn More about UNICEF Australia
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Big congrats to Tyron Woodley for the monster quick victory over Dong Hyun Kim. God is def using you in great ways! #thechosenone @ufc #fightnightmacau

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@remixeric2012 你也太好笑了吧?哈哈哈 #fightnightmacau #ufc

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Chillin octagon side with @straightblast5 @andyonimal #avp #brothersforlife #ufc #fightnightmacau

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Chillin octagon side with straightblast5 andyonimal #avp #brothersforlife #ufc #fightnightmacau

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Van Ness Wu * official artist

Actor, Director, Singer



Traditional Chinese Name 吳建豪
Simplified Chinese Name 吴建豪
Job Actor/ Singer/ Performer....Entertainer/ Designer/ Director
City Other Everywhere...

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