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Every time I see Gods beautiful creations, I think of you~ @xxarissacheoxx Happy Birthday 💜 #always #youandme love you

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UFC MACAU 要來了!!! I am seriously so psyched for this!!! #UFC #MACAU @pmtenore where you at----->> (👊•̀•́)ง✨ @steffanlugo come to Asia!!!

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So blessed to be able to work with one of my childhood heros. Even tho our stories didn't cross paths in the movie, I'm still ever so grateful. Hanging out having late dinners was so surreal. Thank you for all the gifts! #jackiechan #dragonblade

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謝謝大家,幸苦大家,大家加油!你們快殺青了!#天降雄師 #敦煌 #李仁港 #成龍大哥 #林嘉欣#dragonblade #adrienbrody #johncusack #desert #movie #Godisgood

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Thank you Dun Huang~ Good night

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Give me 6 strings and some wood~ #SingtotheLordwithallyourheart

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Van Ness Wu * official artist

Actor, Director, Singer



Gender male
Simplified Chinese Name 吴建豪
Languages Spoken english,cantonese,mandarin,japanese,korean,spanish
Job Actor/Singer/Performer....Entertainer/Designer/Director

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