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Hey everyone the homie @BrianPuspos gots some new tunes to share~😏 get it get it get it https://t.co/1T6JThxweU

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RT @BrianPuspos: Even though I'm sick ...I think I'll be doing my first instagram live tonight to chat with y'all about the EP😷😬

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I really want to hurt this person... 😡 https://t.co/Roq1rUvpnf

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MWHYBOOK 🖐 CONTESTANTS 👍Musical World Have You BOOGIE! @VannessL-(微博)

👏Mei Wan He Yi Bei @断浪哈哈(微博) 🤘Magic Wolves Howl Young Blood @michaelaamy94(Instagram) 🙌Many Wonders Have Yet Begun @shedesignswithgrace(Instagram) ☝Music Will Heal Your Brain @meigeok(Instagram) BIG THANK YOU 2 @tagboard for collecting all the posts!

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God is good #brothers #alleyesonher #threemenandacutie 💜📸: @calvinchan1127

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I literally danced the entire day today🙃Faith without works is dead. #yougonlearntoday #dancintillidie #CNYperformance 🌊#peopleschamp #ali #inspired

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VOGUE Taiwan

MWHYB #BOOGIE #Interview

小編V訪問: 2017上班的第一天來跟大家分享 VOGUE Taiwan的專訪!! Van Ness吳建豪 喜樂的心讓世界更美好 ,做自己最重要~ 很不錯的訪問文章,來按個讚和轉分享!!~

Admin: Back to Work,it's a brand NEW YEAR! Share the great interview from VOGUE Taiwan ,click LIKE and SHARE it~

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MWHYBOOK CONTEST OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Will release news of the five contestants 💌 at the end of the week. Thank you everyone for joining in! Excited to see all the creative acronyms!

MWHYBOOK #MWHYBOOK 創意不羈 繪本比賽將正式結束。謝謝大家的熱情參與!下禮拜會宣布哪五位會收到VANTASTIC BOOK! 💜

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💦💥⚡️#sparklingwaterlife #skateordie #dancintillidie goodlookin @kpee

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