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Khalil Fong 方大同 maybe we can use these instruments for the next record? 🙈 #蹦蹦 new music video #linkinbio #BOOM💥

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哥簡直就是舞神! 準備好你的雙腳 開始跟著Van Ness【蹦蹦】一起跳

Linkfire: https://getmusic.lnk.to/Van_MWHYB

全球舞蹈大師 聯手合作 Van Ness吳建豪 #MWHYB音樂不羈 從艾美獎最佳編舞 到全台最強舞者 Van Ness最強一跳 全新單曲 蹦蹦

視覺統帥: #VanNess吳建豪 X # DaMove陳大目 音樂主領: #方大同 舞風介紹: #LA Free Style Hip-Hop #Lyle Beniga編舞, 再加上DaMove大目完美昇華, MV融入#Popping #locking #HipHop #Waacking #Breaking

舞者: 吳建豪 Van Ness Wu Locking: Mow Chan (冷毛) & Locking :王克文 (花椰), Popping: snow ou (雪球) & KRAZYBONEZ:Bonze Jason (傑森), Hip hop: DaMove 大目, Breaking: Bboy Aya...Read more

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MILK! It does a body gooooooood~🍼🍦🐮

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Glossy 上海

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BOOM #蹦蹦 #MV #Premiere #BOOGIE #MWHYB


蹦蹦BOOM MV 明天 20:00pm 首播,就是明天!

Admin: 蹦蹦BOOM Official MV Premiere TOMORROW@ 20:00 !!24 HOURS TO GO

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I've got no strings To hold me down To make me fret, or make me frown I had strings But now I'm free There are no strings on me

Hi-ho the me-ri-o That's the only way to be I want the world to know Nothing ever worries me

I've got no strings So I have fun I'm not tied up to anyone They've got strings But you can see There are no strings on me

You have no strings Your arms is free To love me by the Zeider Zee Ya, ya, ya, if you would woo I'd bust my strings for you

You have no strings Couci couca Your savoir fa...Read more

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Jus another day at the office @uratz_studios 👻👾

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12/19 🎱PM New Music Video #蹦蹦 #boom💥 by #Godisgood produced by: @soulboykhalilfong 🖖☮

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蹦蹦 #BOOM #MV #premier #behindthescenes

小編V花絮: 先來跟大家分享蹦蹦MV花絮,不要忘記12/19 晚上8點的MV首播!


BOOMBOOM behind the scenes of music video! Don't miss next Monday Music video premier !

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Good times #tokyovibes

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