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Q&A with the great #FUTURA2000

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Nigo&Friends #Pharrell #Futura Yoho 2017

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Nigo&Friends #Pharrell #Futura Yoho 2017

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Blessings on blessings 🙏 @nigoldeneye @Pharrell #FUTURA #Godisgood https://t.co/mNEncCLAbK

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This imagery means a lot to me. It's shows the growth of two people from friends to brothers. Evolution of character and discipline. My bro Philip Ng @straightblast5 plays the iconic role of the legendary Bruce Lee. Before "Enter the Dragon" there is #Birthofadragon (word of discretion, this is not a biopic film) I like to think of it as Bruce Lee fandom paying homage. Sparking the mystery and nostalgia of Bruce and making it relatable to a young generation of millennials. Enabling them to do their own research and educate themselves more about his legac...Read more

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My bro Philip Ng is BRUCE FREAKIN LEE!!! EVERYBODY GO SUPPORT THIS MOVIE!!! Hands down, One of the best films... https://t.co/ShmBA2S84e

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Some days life is jus hard... that's why I'm grateful for You God. 😶

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Julia Wu 吳卓源 你的歌聲也太好聽了吧!💜 💜 💜

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