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Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npsYZ9L7D84&feature=channel_page I'm here for the Transformers Junket.  When I first heard about this I

agreed to it immediately not even checking my skeds whether I could go

or not.  I remember the first Transformers movie I watched in 2007 , I

was blown away!  It brought me back to when I was 9 and I first watched

ET as a kid

and felt that magic which we call "movies".  To see these toys your

familiar with through cartoons and figurines come alive on the big

screen was the magic I felt again.   

And here I am in Japan for the World Premiere.  Not only do I get to

watch the movie before the whole world I get to meet and talk to the

cast and the director ! How awesome is that ? My work is just so sweet

and I'm embracing every bit of it.  I'm the typical comic fan boy

collecting comics and figures since I was a kid

so I'm the perfect ambassador.

The red carpet was the gala you expect it to be.  Exciting and grand

with a great looking cast.  Tyrese was the first one to arrive and the

rest shortly after, which cause traffic on the red carpet.  It took

awhile before the cast made it to where we were.  We were assigned Megan

and Michael (since chatting them up I'm way too comfortable calling them

by their first name) 

I pretty much had a chance to briefly greet or chat with the actors as

they passed by.  Megan is hot hot hot, she looks like a wax figurine

from Madame Tussaud's and Josh the man is a handsome bloke.  I was

mesmerized by Megan and felt like a teen all over again.  I got away

with a hug and she kissed me (which left the rest of the media looking

over gasping and eventually asking how the f** did u do that..;)

It's funny during the press conference someone asked Megan what she

would transform into if she could, she said Johnny Depp's wife, the next

answer came from Josh Duhamel he said Johnny Depp.  Everyone was

cracking,That was a good one !

Hey I was'nt without my moments I asked Isabel Lucas the hot newbie (yep

another one and she holds her own) So I asked what she would transform

into if she could be any kitchen utensil, she said a bowl.  Well

naturally I told her I would love to be in your bowl.:)

Michael Bay was nice and made it a point to tell the media that the

movie is still in its final stages which means what we were seeing was a

real sneak preview and the final version which will hit theatres soon

may be slightly different.  Whoa ! How special us media were, I feel

like I'm part of the movie company, if only.

On to Shia, I did'nt speak to him on the red carpet I was caught up with

. um..

His leading lady who was mine now,  for a mere 3 minutes.

Shia was serious during the interview so I had to retract my energy at

times.  It was just the night before that I watched the World Premeire

so I was full of excitement! All and all he was a cool dude who was very


My highlight. Do I really need to tell you?

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Awesome Pic! LOVE Transformers!! Haven't had a moment to watch #2 but must sooooon ;) ~Shairah~
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