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It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I update this site, no harm in updating it now with more information on what I've been up to. 

Most of the time,  best place to find out what I've been doing is at http://www.mikeyip.com 

I've since taken a backseat in the TV production and focus a bit more on my photography business as well as my social media business. Aside from my regular dance activities,  I'm ...Read more

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Good Morning #KualaLumpur ....

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The final touch by Lee Chong Wei to gift Chen Long the Gold at the #Rio2016 Badminton finals.

What a finals. Nerve wrecking all the way. Congratulations #DLCW for the silver medal.

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The winning point for #Denmark to take bronze at #Rio2016 Badminton. What a sad farewell for Lin Dan from Rio. What a journey it has been watching his battles with DLCW.

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Because I'm too lazy to go back for 2nd round..... Also... did you know? #BTSHotel actually charges hotel guests parking fees even though you spend a substantial sum staying here?

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The moment when Lin Dan fell to the might of Datuk Lee Chong Wei at #Rio2016 #Badminton singles. #GoforGold

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At the Press Conference of the Miss Malaysia Tourism Pageant.


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It's close to midnight and we're still at work. After this, burning the midnight oil to rush everything for Press Conference.

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I was just commenting to #TheSwaggerSalon about my #Lansi badge and how it wouldn't stick to my dashboard after a week in this epic weather and 2 days later (this morning), I saw an envelop with a new badge in it! These guys are damn #Taikor when it comes to efficiency.

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2nd half of 2012 onwards - Expanding my Talent Management biz to cover several countries. If you are a performer/dancer/deejays/singer and would like to drop me


August 18, 2008