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Hey Utt! Great to see you here =)
almost 15 years ago
Photo 441223
Hi hi it's random stalking time from Hong Kong.... :) I saw an interview with Lady Gaga the other day and fell in love with her. Looks like the interview went well, so congrats to you! Have you just joined this glorious platform then? :)
almost 15 years ago
Markryan f4 markryan
Household name??? Interesting statement.
almost 15 years ago
Photo 70570
ah, lady gaga. did you join her in her favourite past time? apparently it's sitting on a couch and touching herself. where? she didn't say. :(
almost 15 years ago
Scottiehui 97 scottiehui
YOur an automatic fan of mine. Hahaha. Anybody that gets that close to Gaga is a friend too. Damn it, I woul'dve killed to have just touched her...errr..umm...hand. Yea!
over 14 years ago
Photo 31454
man i am jealous lady gaga is in
over 14 years ago


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