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WHEN I GROW UP, I WANT TO BE IN A BAND... So I am. Our Life in Boxes has OFFICIALLY been BORN! From the far reaches of England, four humanoids have woven themselves into a bit of a band, really. And HERE WE ARE! We played our first gig at The Comedy Pub recently, to a very supportive audience. We're already booked for more gigs around London, and have some AWESOME musicon the way! If you've time, please check out the SoundCloud and like our Facebook page:Read more

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IndieMe: Vin's Night In, Londo

Hi Indies!  The next video blog is up already (I'm in editing mode, what can I say), and I'm very pleased to introduce the world to VIN GOODWIN, London's Host with the MOST! He has been running a night in London at various well-known venues including The Bedford (which has hosted acts including James Morrison, Paolo Nutini and KT Tunstall) and newly built St. James' Theatre. Vin's Night In is one of my FAVOURITE nights out in London, and he is an AMAZING host! If you're in London any time soon, check...Read more

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INDIE ME IS BORN!!It's certainly been a while since I've blogged, let alone VLOGGED!However, I've decided that as much as I love the indie music and fringe theatre scene, I realised that a lot of people who are IN the industry don't SUPPORT other artists. This IRKS me. IRK is a good word. SO, I decided to do a little video blog series on artists that I go and see live, in London and Hong Kong. I realised a while ago that the type of artist I'd like to be is one who supports others. I LOVE going to fringe theatre, new com...Read more

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London Discombobulation (BLOB)

So it seems that illness is spreading through London, leaving a few of us just a little discombobulated. Here is the story, from this Urban Princess, for your listening eyes:On Monday, I tried to put my microwave oats in the fridge, thinking it was the microwave. On Tuesday, my flatmate went to hang her coat up in the fridge. This fridge has telepathic powers of persuasion and loves company, it seems.This morning (Wednesday, if my powers of calculation serve me - which is not something I am currently taking for granted) I woke ...Read more

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What an EXCITING FEW WEEKS!  The Chinese New Year Banquet played host to my Mandarin-singing debut, and the Old Queens Head show was met with great appreciation.  I've spent the day working on new material and getting myself ready for another onslaught of projects, including short films, assisting in production on a music video and short film, and, of course, more recording in Oxfordshire. So, here are a couple of pics, and a promise of another update very soon. I must relay to ya'll the debacle that was my Lion King Audition. Stay tuned f...Read more

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Chinese New Year Gig: London!

Chinese For Labour Performance So, I'm very pleased and excited to announce that I've been asked to perform for the Chinese For Labour New Year Banquet on Wednesday, 27th February in London.What an honour to play for a crowd of politicians and public figures, all of whom are pushing to make change for London. I'm especially honoured to be representing East Asian Actors and Musicians in London (HONG KONG GLORY!!).  Stay tuned for more frequent updates: I've left ya'll alone for far too long. LOVE YOU HONG KONG...Read more

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Canadian VS British Language

Here's a nice story about how Canadians and British people understand words in a very different manner:My Dad and I decided to have an International House of Pancakes breakfast. For those of you who don't know, IHOP is famous for its cheap and cheerful junk-food type breakfasts. For those of you who don't know, I like junk food from time to time. Ok, so we were sitting in the glamorous banquette-style seating in IHOP, when the waiter arrived, greeted us in a cordial manner, and asked if we'd like a drink. Dad aske...Read more

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SOOOOO happy to be HOME!  I arrived to surprise my sister Raven for her birthday. Big success. She was DEFINITELY surprised! So, I've taken up training with the wonderful Bey Logan, and have been getting my butt kicked into shape for the last week by the Master and his Kung Fu Hustlers. Between that and getting my ankles massacred by teeny tiny ninja mosquitos, I'm a little bit of a South East Asian Wreck right now. BUT it's all worth it!My new guitar Tigerlily has settled into HK quickly, and is gearing up for her first HK performanc...Read more

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London Lately

Hello AnDers!  I've been trotting around London, working with some AMAZING people in this creative citysphere. Since graduating from the London School of Musical Theatre, I've found myself an agent, done some compulsory cheesy ads, written a BILLION songs, and bought myself a BEAUTIFUL new guitar. ISN'T SHE LOVELY? Her name is Tigerlily, and she's the newest addition to the Lao family. Thanks to Gibson for their advice on this one - she's a J45 Adv...Read more

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Kristina Lao (勞美瑛). Singer/Songwriter. Actor. Urban Princess. Social Workaholic. Hong Kong. Melbourne. London www.SoundCloud.com/KristinaLao www.Kristin

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