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I think my intentions were heard by the universe.

this morning i was delated to hear from the various people that represent that powers that be and they said...KHALIL FONG will be AliveNotDead soon.

this is exactly what i mean. we fans dont just want the music normal. we want to be part of the experience. and being able to read and hear from Khalil Fong only makes the experience of being his fan much more complete and definitely exciting.

if you guys have time, spend some time to Calvin Wong's blog. A lot of music executives write in blogs and share there thoughts but very make sense. Calvin's does. He is a true passionate music man with a remarkable sense of merging the lines where creative freedom and commercial sensibilities meet.

KHALIL FONG is one of the sickest, dopest, soulful-lest singer/songwriters i've ever came upon!

Join the AnD Khalil Fong Fan Club today! (which will currently be held on my blog due to budget constraints)

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ha ha, sweet! yeah, they're falling like dominos! the powers that can see the tide! next thing you know we'll have Madonna and Justin Timberlake on here. ;-)
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take a picture, snap....

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