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Bobby Orient's Interview

this is an interview i did with the ever so quirky journalist Bobby Orient:BO: how are u?TTL: good. how about urself?BO: why do u care?TTL: cause i'm a caring guyBO: so what's the secret, huh, u little cocksucker?TTL: watch the language, buddyBO: what's the secret? share it?TTL: go fuck yourselfBO: i would but i got ur girlfriend to do that..TTL: what the fuck do u want to know?BO: your secretTTL: fuck offBO: why you giving me a hard time?TTL: what the fuck hard time are u talking about. u're a filthy animal. u know i don't like interviews. come on, bobby, we've talked about this. so i agree to sit down and talk to u and next thing i know, u're sweatin' me for "the secret". the secret is that i wipe my ass everytime i take a shit. that's the secret.BO: so u're telling me the secret then?TTL: (surprised) huh?BO: u just said it.TTL: bobby, there u go again. u're being the fuckin' prick u always are.BO: if u answered my questions, we would never have had this problem.TTL: u're an asshole, Bobby. u're not even that good of a journalist anyway.BO: so u're judging me now?TTL; no it was a personal opinion. but if i had the power to, i would insist that my opinion be the law of the land and u be my shining example of what a royal smuck is.BO: this interview isn't going anywhere?TTL: it's on the way to ur mama's house to pick her up for dinner, date and a movie...BO: smuck.TTL: now u calling me the smuck? whatever, Bobby...that sucker punk Bobby..always an asshole.

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