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Here's your WEEKEND UPDATE by Simon Yin

WHEW!  Sunday.  Sunday.  Sunday!  What a week!  Might be my imagination, but time flies justa tad bit quicker here in HK.

Here's an breakdown of some of the things I did this week.  I did a little bit of...


Shout out to Tracy for hooking us up with these great tix!  The "corsaging" was ok, but the Olympic spirit was the shizznit and the atmosphere was crazy fun!

And as you can see, I was SO excited that all the cheering made my voice HORSE!  (sorry, couldn't help it).


Shout out to Spencer Douglass who yesterday openly admitted to me that he wants to be "famous for absolutely nothing."  BRILLIANT!  Also, go buy Devashard, the best graphic novel ever!


Be sure to check out GRAZE CAFE...oh, and go buy Devashard.

HIKING Big Buddha over on Lantau Island.  The bus up to the BB was the SLOWEST ride I have been on.  A girl on a tricyle passed us.  AND...if you like the game CHICKEN, then this bus ride is for you!


On Location in CWB.  I'm pretty sure I'm  banned there for life.


And yes, not only are AnD wrist bands a smart and sexy accessory, it also comes in handy in a pinch!

SHOPPING Respect and love to my bruthas doin' their thang!


And the perfect way to end the week, in a cab of all places.

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkddSqerp6Y (I'm not sure which is more ludicrous...the fact that this buff pirate looking taxi driver was playing this song, or that I actually recorded it and edited it for the blog).


For this upcoming week, I plan on doing a little:






Who's DOWN??????? 

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Photo 64681
haha ... planning to film anything?? pls message me if anything fun !! :)
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
over 11 years ago
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over 11 years ago
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over 11 years ago
Photo 2632
you've got a busy full life bro!
over 11 years ago
Photo 140401
YO! not allowed to go squiding, caving or wakeboarding till next next week when i get back! otherwise u gon have to do them all over again with me! hehe~ n btw...my shoudlers are surprisingly fine. I got even more tanned on Sunday haha*
over 11 years ago
Photo 24183
Wow! Looks interesting! What are you shooting?
over 11 years ago


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