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few days in ShanTou, China

wow just got back from China, visiting my grandparents!!! it was awesome, I spent most of the time playing Mahjong with them, with loads of cheap + good food ( they're real good as long as you make sure they made clean) lolThis is my Grandma's dog :) Dodo, he loves sleep on my Grandma's laps, and he dances with my Grandpa when the music's on, but he gets really scared and cried when an...Read more

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Happy 2009 to everyone on alivenotdead.com :)

I went camping with my water polo teammates next to a beach in Lantau :o)

###Visiting China for the next couple of days! better start packing now! :)

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Merry X'mas! :o)

Merry X'mas to every single artists and members on AnD !! :( haven't been sleeping well lately with the pain from my back...and my dog had been vomiting 10 times thru the night...there was blood at the end...I brought him to the vet twice...he really got me so so so worried... :(Get well soon baby, that'll do instead of any other xmas presents...

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A terrible day before x'mas...

I caught a cold...and possibly broke my backbone...x-ray tomarrow... planned on going surfing on New Years Eve...

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X'mas Hol in Hong Kong!

wooohoooooo! It's always so nice to be back! I love HONG KONG! like so much!  I enjoy lying on my bed with TVB and my baby boy (my dog hahaaa) sleeping next to me :o)I enjoy jumping into the pool laughing and screaming with my teammates thru out our tough training sessions, then we dine and chit chat all together !!I enjoy chilling out on the street in the middle of the night with microwaved food from 7-11Read more

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Talking to my Mr. Mirror

A page for my mirror, on my recent journalBeen to Tate Britain tonight for the David Shrigley talk, he's a fun guy, and he drew me a little tattoo   One more week then I'll be home :) yeah! home home! as in Hong Kong! I miss my dog really bad, and I'm serious...I wanted to go to Bangkok as well this xmas, to visit my nanny...but it seems to be too ...Read more

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The Door

I just can't believe that I'm gonna see David Shrigley in real person day after tomarrow.

He is always my favourite artist, check this youtube out, it's one of his work, and for all the Fathers out there, watch it, because here's another answer for the frustrating question, ''Daddy, where did I come from?''

Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VeVuMfIvJg0Robert : Daddy, Daddy where did I come from?Dad : You came from Mum...Read more

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My first try on Adobe Flash :o)

Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=5M1NKUkN6eo

It's my first try on animation people :) please feel free to shoot me some bullets! :D-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=OxkNy9lfuWYPonyo on the Cliff by the Sea by Hayao MiyazakiI so wanna watch it...like really...Read more

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Please help me to pick 5 shirts for my dog, Wacky

Hello Everyone  I have a Yorkie back at home in Hong Kong, his name's Wacky. (lol and he is really wacky) My friend sent me a list of cute dog outfits and I'm gonna pick like 5 or 6 of them out of hundred something.Here are my top 15 from the hundred :o) peeps from alivenotdead would you please gimme some ideas :o) pick your t...Read more

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Back from the weekend

been to Grantham this weekend for water polo, we lost in all the matches, it was pretty terrible but it was fun. I got punches all over the face, my back, bruises on my knees, my lower lip was bleeding a lil, but I'd say I'm oh so lucky, because I saw 2 nose bleedings, 1 eye ball bleeding, and 1 broken finger. 

A picture of the matching pants and a bit swallon right eyeWinter's approa...Read more

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