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Please help me to pick 5 shirts for my dog, Wacky

Hello Everyone  I have a Yorkie back at home in Hong Kong, his name's Wacky. (lol and he is really wacky) My friend sent me a list of cute dog outfits and I'm gonna pick like 5 or 6 of them out of hundred something.Here are my top 15 from the hundred :o) peeps from alivenotdead would you please gimme some ideas :o) pick your top 5 below!  Yes, my dog is a HE and there's dresses on the list above I was just thinking he'll also look great as well with little dresses :D plus he wouldn't realize anywayhe's a weirdo, he doesn't have any friends at allhe's a dog and he hates all other dogs...but I love him so much more than anything else in the world :o)he's my sweet lil boy~  我要為我的狗狗買衣服 :D 你們能幫我從上面選擇5個出來嗎?

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re Miss Scarlett : hahahaaa! but I keep laughing when I picture him in a dress, it should be fun to do so LOL! re Francise : haha thanks! Do you have a dog at home as well?
over 15 years ago
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yeah! I'll defo get the transformers one for him :o)
over 15 years ago
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Re Backtoself : Thanks for the advice :D All the clothes are just all so cute your advice would help! but I'll definitely get a dress for him and see how he looks like, pictures will be up in x'mas when I got the clothes :D check it out by then! It's my pleasure, I'm happy that I made you laugh :D re Boon : :D autobots are the defo Boon :o) Thanks a lot for reading !!
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