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The Door

I just can't believe that I'm gonna see David Shrigley in real person day after tomarrow.

He is always my favourite artist, check this youtube out, it's one of his work, and for all the Fathers out there, watch it, because here's another answer for the frustrating question, ''Daddy, where did I come from?''

Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VeVuMfIvJg0Robert : Daddy, Daddy where did I come from?Dad : You came from Mummy.Robert : What part of Mummy did I come from?Dad : Came from her tummy!Robert : How did I get in there?Dad : (annoyed) I...planted a seed inside your Mummy, and it grew into you, and then you came out, as a baby.Robert : How did I get out?Dad : Through a door, a special door.Robert : Can I go back through the door back into Mummy's tummy?Dad : NO! You can't! The door is closed, and it's a small door...and, your too big now.Robert : Can I see the door?Dad : NO! Mummy doesn't like people looking at it.Robert : Did you put the seed in through the door?Dad : Yes, yes I did!Robert : I want to see the door!Dad : Yooou...You can't see it now! Nobody can see it! It's healed over! It's bed time now Robert! Off you go to bed, as a good boy.Robert : Awww...Goodnight Daddy.Dad : Goodnight Robert.

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what?? you met with him??? how lucky you are!!!!
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re Reni : no I went to his talk it was great fun! re Pat : haha it is!!! unfortunately there's something wrong with the audio, anyway, I watched the full version in his talk, it was so great. x
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