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A little secret about me :o)

This little gorilla stayed with me for like 8 years now :) it is always sitting on my left bedside, I brought him along with me every place I go! haha I know it is really childish but I can't imagine if somebody throw it away or if I lost it...!! so I decided to write a post about him haha and when you guys find him getting lost on the street, you know it belongs to me :DI got it in a gift shop of a zoo in New Zealand eight years ago, I was 12, it was my f...Read more

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Lately I've been looking at how symbol works in a system, things like tarots, chess, alphabets...it was actually pretty fun! Here are 10 symbols that I created. Lets have some fun and create your own story with it! Use your creativity to do so!!! There's no rules or anything! just have fun with your story! it doesnt have to make sense! :P e.g. the dog can be a guy and the cat is the lady, their fridge was empty so they roasted a bird from the tree...etc......I'd really...Read more

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sometimes word's not needed in order to tell a story

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10000 junk mails in my hotmail account!


Here my hotmail account reached 10000 junk mails...

quite excited about it hahaa they're mainly from facebook

I'm looking forward for 100000 mails :) that'd take quite a few years I suppose

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Legoman has been my favourite in all time! Here is what I found in the Lego store today while walking in a mall  it saids 'The many moods of the minifigure'' Here's a Lego version of Tic-Tac-Toe!!! Policemen and Thiefs instead of circles and crosses!!   how cute is that!!! it's 5 pounds! so that's like HKD$60...Read more

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work in progress...❤cutler and gross

*I went to an outlet yesterday and bought this cutler and gross glasses for half prize :') I do look really like harry potter when I have the glasses on :D hahaaa and I love it* harry potter and colour testing work :P**** Read more

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ready to be abandoned

I did these babies quite a few weeks ago, planned on having them on the street in causeway bay when I was having my xmas holiday in HK, there're 11 of them with two speech bubbles   but then I realize there was so many police walking around times square in the middle of the night and I just dont wanna get busted in the xmas holiday :o( hmmmmmmmmmm now I ...Read more

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Last National League weekend @ Manchester Aquatic Centre

It was my first time to be in Manchester! didn't get to travel around the city except back and forth the aquatic centre and the hotel...but the aquatic centre centre is by far the best stadium I've been for water polo. They've got a lot of teams private changing rooms and different sizes of lockers hahahaaa there's even one that's like 1m cube big, you can lock me inside for sure hahahaaI didn't manage to take much photos cuz you'll have to be registered with the officials i...Read more

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Back in LDN

Yup I'm back in London! It doesn't feel good at all when you've arrived home with empty stomach, you checked out the fridge and all you could see were some beers and red bull...yet the sun rise kinda cheered me up a lil :)three A3 hand drawn posters to be handed in tomarrow morning... :(work in progress.........Read more

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My very first T-shirt design! :')

To support me, please CLICK HERE to check out this tee. It ships WORLD WIDE FOR FREE!The tee cost HKD$240( around USD$ 30, payable thru Paypal ), and I'm only earning HKD$10 per shirt...:( so it's not about the $ really...just that I wanna see somebody out there on the street wearing my shirt, that's it :...Read more

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