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New York New York!

 New York~!

O how I've missed the big apple.... sigh~~ in many ways, New York will always be "home" for me as I have spent most of my adult life in the city. Aside from modeling and event planning, I work for an asset management firm based in NYC. Luckily, the company was kind enough to put me up in the London NYC hotel for the past 2 weeks providing us the luxury of hanging out in the city, catching up with friends....

by the way....HIGHLY recommended if you are ever planning on visiting the city, very cute boutique hotel, with the Ramsey (yes! the london one) restaurant next to the lobby.

I left NYC almost 2 years ago to Hong Kong and this is really the first time I have been back since then, but once you are back, its almost as if nothing has changed... really glad to see everyone and got to catch up with my best buddies.

I'm a huge friendship person, as an only child, I've only had my friends to depend on and confide in and I therefore am truely thankful that the handful of good friends I have here in the city had truely showed their love, and made me miss NY already that much more..~




On of my all time favorites, Brooklyn Diner Buger!



Yakitori! with Christine~




With Dave Sok and Winsy at R Bar last night

For Old times sake, we did go to an asian party, with Tina and my fellow pageant girls, what actually surprised me was how open the girls were, there was some sort of booty shaking contest and it was amzingly entertaining to watch some of the girls "perform" on stage... good old New York Parties.... haha

We shall end with the action photos for now, and of course...

To be continued........ =)




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good, but where are the videos?!? :-P
almost 17 years ago
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I was also living in NYC just before moving to HK almost 2 yrs ago. Looks like we got here around the same time. :) Glad you enjoyed your trip back there. I really miss it too, wish I could go back... I miss the melted grilled panini sandwiches. =9
almost 17 years ago
wow, nice hotel!! I never been to NYC but I really want to, u are lucky gal!!
almost 17 years ago


i like funny people.

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