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Sleep Apnea and Other Bedtime Obstructions.

I am spending these two days being tested for sleep apnea. Actually, I spent last night being tested:

If this is what suicide bombers go through, no wonder they hit the switch.

I got wired up like this at 4 in the afternoon, then spent the next six hours just waiting to get sleepy.

With all this sh*t all over me.

The strange part was that if I had inappropriate thoughts about the nurse, she would appear and ask why I rang the call button...

Please put down the enema. It'll never happen again, I promise.

Tonight, I will try out the treatment. It involves forcing air into my lungs to keep my airway open so I don't snore or wake myself up. I have to wear a mask and a strap that will keep my mouth shut.

Good thing I live alone, huh?:

I just want to be held. Is that so wrong???

Karmically speaking, having to now wear this thing to bed means that soon someone will want to share my bed with me, which I have had to myself for three years. This would be a new and ostensibly positive occurrence.

Until they see this getup and understandably run screaming for the elevator.

Women like to cuddle, but no woman would want to cuddle with The Idiot In the Iron Lung. Do you find me repulsive??? - Charles Laughton, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Yungyungyu 9f image
So this thing stop snoring?? ok... i will keep it in mind and get anybody who needs it a good recommendation.
over 13 years ago
I'm in hospital as we speak, awaiting my first night with the charming appendage...
over 13 years ago
And why do doctors, who are supposedly so smart, ask you dumb things like 'Do you snore?' I can't tell Doc, seeing as how I'm usually ASLEEP...
over 13 years ago
I look angry because I really can't stand having things stuck all over me or strapped to my face. It just irritates me, and having to leave it there makes me cranky. It's one reason I rarely dress up, especially in HK. It makes me apoplectic to be trapped in hot, sweat-drenched clothes and to have to stay that way. I know you find that shocking, given my generally easygoing, cheerful demeanor. Besides, I was also a bit resigned to the essentially silly nature of the whole exercise. The guy in the next bed could hardly walk for a bad back. I was there for snoring. See what I mean? It's ferociously boring to be healthy and well but stuck in hospital. It's like a teetotaler in a rehab; why am I here? I've never liked hospitals, and I'd rather save the visits/stays for something substantial.
over 13 years ago
It was just annoying. But worth it to actually sleep well for the first time in years!
over 13 years ago


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