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Movie Review: Marrying Mr.Perfect/嫁個一百分男人

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Peachey * says:
Watching - and paying for - garbage movies (or anything) was never fun for me. I thought you were a bit loopy to subject yourself to it but you seemed to be enjoying yourself at the time and more power to you. The trash finally got to you and I'm only surprised it took so long. haha.
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I think your decision to stop spending time on things you feel have no value to you (and anybody else?) is also a sign of making that transition to what society calls middle-age. I don't like the term because, technically, middle-age should start somewhere around 40 (or even in your 30s if your family has a penchant for dying young), but I do get that there is a different phase of life that begins somewhere from the late 30s to 50s. I became very impatient with things that waste my time because it was suddenly brought home to me that my time was limited (especially with full faculties at my command) and I was going to spend it on the things that mattered to me. Now if only I could find a way to make a decent living that had me doing things that I felt weren't a huge waste of my time. But at least I cut out a lot of things that had no value for me and were taking up my time.
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Etchy 4d darth schoolgirl2b
But how will you know they're really bad until you watch it? You may be missing some real gems!! Or not!
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