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too much hair



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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I dunno, Sean, can you ever have too much hair? My profile pic is old, from when I still had lots of hair. It just happens to be the most recent pic of me that is digital so I used it. I got tired of all that long hair and cut it off about a year ago to just above the shoulder. Hubby complains that he liked it longer (the Pre-Raphaelite look, don't you know), but women are unanimous in liking it shorter. Long or short, I guess its your call. Something to be said for both looks. Unless you're a slave to fashion, you get to make the call. Personally, the wigs are funny, so maybe that's a vote of no confidence from this bozo in the peanut gallery.:0
about 16 years ago
Photo 49623
hahahhaa.... we both shave our heads and there is nothing much up there for us. so when we wore this wig it def was too much hair on our head ....
about 16 years ago
when're you coming back to hk?
about 16 years ago
Photo 49623
fingers crossed never..... haha but might come over if there is a job that could afford me.
about 16 years ago


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