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not the best day of the week!

when I red about " Dov Simens 2 Day Film School Contest" in AnD and decided to make a video for it, i never thought that i will actually be offered a free spot to join the course! so I just submitted my video to contribute as an AnD member ... but then today I've got a message from Terence telling me that you've been offered a free entry for the course! oh! i couldn't believe it and I called Chinese Embassy right away to start processing my VISA for HK ... but unfortunately it's not that easy to get a visa! and it turned out that i can't get my visa on time to attend the course!  it was pretty sad ... yup~ well~ nothing i can do right now, hopefully next time i can!

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I think I am the beneficiary of your ticket! Like you, I was pretty unlucky for having entered the competition too soon without knowing that there will be an "AnD featured videos" section later on. So, I have to stay at the competition section all the way. However, there is a problem with their counting mechanism for the votes because anyone can just keep hitting on the "Vote It" button to keep increasing their votes. As a result of that, I didn't get a free seat.... until now! So, I just want you to feel proud and good of yourself for having helped me! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :)
about 15 years ago
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oh ... the voting system sounds unfair! I'll be really glad to hear they've given my seat to you so you can attend the course for free ... you really deserve it ... 好运~ :)
about 15 years ago


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