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Terence Yin
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About Terence Yin

TERENCE YIN has starred over 30 films since moving to Asia after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley in 1997. The son of two famous Shaw Brothers movie stars from Hong Kong’s golden era of film, Terence has successfully forged his own identity in the Hong Kong entertainment industry’s competitive landscape. Naturally good looking, well-spoken, and a tremendously talented singer, there isn’t anything that Terence doesn’t seem to excel at in front of the camera. This probably explains why he was cast as one of the only two actors selected from the global landscape of Asian talent to act alongside Angelina Jolie in “Tomb Raider II: The Cradle of Life”. Fresh off of a large scale ad campaign for JVC, a music video with one of Asia’s top female pop singers, and as one of the featured celebrity hosts for Star Movies, Terence’s face is familiar to fans of Asian film and television everywhere. His off-camera passions include gourmet cooking, music, sports, and relaxing at home. | 1997年從加洲伯克萊大學畢業後,尹子維回到亞洲,至今已經拍了30多部電影。作為在香港電影黃金年代非常著名的兩位邵氏電影明星的兒子,子維用他自己的努力在競爭激烈的香港娛樂界立穩了腳跟。漂亮、謙遜得體,還是很厲害的歌手,鏡頭前的他似乎無所不能。這個就能解釋為什麼他會成為全球亞洲演員中被甄選出來的兩名男演員之一,與安吉麗娜•朱莉合拍《古墓麗影II The Cradle of Life》。剛從大規模的JVC廣告大賽抽身,和一位天後級亞洲流行歌手拍完MV,還是星空電影台的明星主持人,世界各地的亞洲電影和電視觀眾都已經非常熟悉子維。而在鏡頭之外,他最享受的還是美食烹飪、音樂、運動和在家休息。 | 1997年从加洲伯克莱大学毕业后,尹子维回到亚洲,至今已经拍了30多部电影。作为在香港电影黄金年代非常著名的两位邵氏电影明星的儿子,子维用他自己的努力在竞争激烈的香港娱乐界立稳了脚跟。漂亮、谦逊得体,还是很厉害的歌手,镜头前的他似乎无所不能。这个就能解释为什么他会成为全球亚洲演员中被甄选出来的两名男演员之一,与安吉丽娜•朱莉合拍《古墓丽影II The Cradle of Life》。刚从大规模的JVC广告大赛抽身,和一位天后级亚洲流行歌手拍完MV,还是星空电影台的明星主持人,世界各地的亚洲电影和电视观众都已经非常熟悉子维。而在镜头之外,他最享受的还是美食烹饪、音乐、运动和在家休息。

Interesting facts about Terence Yin

Languages Spoken English,Cantonese,Mandarin
Location Hong Kong
Gender Male
English Name Terence Yin
Traditional Chinese Name 尹子維
Simplified Chinese Name 尹子维
Member Since December 15, 2006
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December 15, 2006