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         Been trying to get things together. Trying to get in shape... settle agreement with new management... get my own imaginations onto paper. But after awhile... it could get tiring... eventhough you've been moving forward for some time, the road seems just as far as when you first started. Kinda needed to find some motivation... and well... being sort of the loner I am..  I just went and just found some good speeches to listen to.


Listening to these, it made me think about more than just motivation. It made me think about what's important to me. What kind of principles I might have. What I work hard at. I know no one can be perfect... and well... I'm probably not even close enough to be labelled good in many ways. But I DO know... the one thing I am good at or that I try very hard to do. And that is keeping my word... being honest. In the 2nd Vid, it really got to me when he said, "Being able to look your friends in the eye, and know that you didn't let me them down... because you told them the truth." The reason these words stuck out to me is because it seems lately, I just keep getting lied to. Well... after awhile... it just really sucks. Eventhough I know no one likes being lied to but I really really detest it. Many people just don't understand how a simple lie can affect someone. A lot of times, they might be thinking they are doing the person a favor by lying and making something up. Making it seem as though they are doing it for the sake of the others. Sometimes it could be. But in most cases, they're just lying to themselves. The only person they're doing good for is themselves by telling these lies because they don't want to get in trouble. Greed gets the best of us. A lot of times, if you know the person you care about or love will get mad, well then don't do it... or talk about it and work it out before hand. Lies start from greed and temptations to give into something when in the moment, you forget who you can hurt or affect from this action. Often we know who we're hurting, but we just neglect them coz of our own selfishness. Of course I think everyone has the right to privacy. And if these secrets doesn't really have anything to do with others then I don't see any harm in not wanting to tell. But remember this... "treat others as you would have them treat you." It really is that simple. But no matter how many lies that come my way... no matter how much bs like "oh my family is in town".. or "i'm at my manager's"... I won't do this back to anyone else... coz it's not how I invision my world to be. So I'll just walk away from these people and hope the ones who I care about and love, can deal with one less sin while I'm around. One thing I'm also working on myself is just knowing when you're wrong and not being too embarrased or arrogant to apologize. A lot of times, no matter how big you screwed up, a REAL apology is all that's needed. Don't be so arrogant to think that your lies are so good that you can get away so easily. A lotta times, these lies are so bad and easily seen throw... but people love you too much to tell you they know about it. And... you're not only hurting them but also mocking their intellegence. You know... in some ways, acting is sort of lying. Becasue you're trying to make people believe you're something you're not. So... since I'm already lying/acting as an occupation, I don't want to have to fucking act and lie while I'm trying to live my life too. At the same time, I think the more bs people try to throw my way, the more I grow. I learn I can take the hits and able to move forward.... like how Rocky says it haha.


Speaking of getting hit and keep going the distance. I think this next lady is a good example. Embedding is disabled by request for the next video so you might have to double click it and go into youtube to watch this vid.


If you read the comments in this clip, well at time mark 1:24 the girl who mocked her for having the dream to be a singer probably feels pretty stupid now with so many people dissing her. And yes what they all said is very true. Don't judge a book by it's cover. When the time comes, no matter how much crap people have given you, no matter how many people ridicule you, if you've worked hard and keep on trying to follow your dreams..... it might just come true.

Keep striving... and good luck... may your dreams come true.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo| 一直在努力把事情做好。努力找到最佳狀態...落實與新的經理人公司的合約...實踐一些自己的想法。但日子一久...就會有些累了...即使你已經走了一段,前路還是好像剛開始時那般遙遠。真的需要尋找一些動力...恩...感覺像個獨行者.. 我於是找到了幾個激勵人心的演講片段來聽一聽。


聽完之後,我不由得開始思考動力以外的東西。什麼對於我才是重要的。我有著怎樣的原則。我會為什麼而努力。我知道沒有人是完美的...恩...在很多方面,我甚至算不上是好的。但我很清楚...有一件事我做得不錯,而且非常努力去做。那就是遵守諾言...坦城待人。第二段視頻中有一段讓我印象深刻,他說,“你可以看著朋友的眼睛,你知道自己不會令他們失望...因為你說的是真話。”我之所以會對這段話記憶猶新,是因為最近我好像經常被騙。恩...這樣一來...真的很糟糕。雖然我知道沒有人會喜歡被人欺騙,但我真的是非常地厭惡。很多人就是不了解一個簡單的謊言可以對別人造成多大的影響。很多時候,他們可能認為自己說謊或編造一個故事是在幫助別人。把說謊看得好像是為了受騙者好。有時這是成立的。但在大多數情況下,他們只是自欺欺人。當他們為了避免惹麻煩而編造謊言的時候,唯一得到好處的人只能是他們自己。貪婪會奪走我們最美好的東西。很多時候,如果你知道你在乎的,或愛著的人會生氣,那就別這麼做了...要么如實說,要么提前處理好。謊言往往因貪念和誘惑而起。一時間,你忘記了可能因為你的舉動而受傷害或影響的人。通常我們會知道自己在傷害誰,但出於自私,我們選擇忽略他們的感受。當然,我承認每個人都有自己的隱私,而且當這些秘密與其他人沒有任何關係的時候,不說無妨。但是記住... "你想別人如何待你,就該先如何待人。“這道理如此的簡單。但無論我聽到多少謊言...無論多少諸如”哦我的家人來看我了“..或者”我在經紀人那裡“這樣的藉口..我不會以牙還牙...因為我的世界不應該是這樣的。所以我只會遠離這些人,希望我在乎的人,或者我愛的人不會因為我而遇到額外的麻煩。另外一件我自己也正在努力的事,就是當自己犯了錯,不要因為尷尬或過於自大而不肯道歉。很多時候,不管你有多擔憂,一個真誠的道歉就可以解決問題。不要自大地認為你的謊言天衣無縫,就可以當沒事發生。通常情況下,那些謊言都很糟糕,很容易被看穿...但受騙的人會因為愛你而隱瞞下來。而且...你不單只是在傷害他們,而且也在侮辱他們的智慧。你知道...在某種程度上說,表演就是一種謊言。因為你要讓觀眾相信偽裝下的你就是真實的你。所以...既然我已經以演繹 /說謊為職業,我就不想在現實生活中重複這些事情了。同時,我認為他人的貶損會令我成長。我能經受得起這些打擊,繼續前進...就像Rocky說的那樣哈哈。






http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo| 一直在努力把事情做好。努力找到最佳状态...落实与新的经理人公司的合约...实践一些自己的想法。但日子一久...就会有些累了...即使你已经走了一段,前路还是好像刚开始时那般遥远。真的需要寻找一些动力...恩...感觉像个独行者.. 我于是找到了几个激励人心的演讲片段来听一听。


听完之后,我不由得开始思考动力以外的东西。什麽对于我才是重要的。我有着怎样的原则。我会为什麽而努力。我知道没有人是完美的...恩...在很多方面,我甚至算不上是好的。但我很清楚...有一件事我做得不错,而且非常努力去做。那就是遵守诺言...坦城待人。第二段视频中有一段让我印象深刻,他说,“你可以看着朋友的眼睛,你知道自己不会令他们失望...因为你说的是真话。”我之所以会对这段话记忆犹新,是因为最近我好像经常被骗。恩...这样一来...真的很糟糕。虽然我知道没有人会喜欢被人欺骗,但我真的是非常地厌恶。很多人就是不了解一个简单的谎言可以对别人造成多大的影响。很多时候,他们可能认为自己说谎或编造一个故事是在帮助别人。把说谎看得好像是为了受骗者好。有时这是成立的。但在大多数情况下,他们只是自欺欺人。当他们为了避免惹麻烦而编造谎言的时候,唯一得到好处的人只能是他们自己。贪婪会夺走我们最美好的东西。很多时候,如果你知道你在乎的,或爱着的人会生气,那就别这麽做了...要么如实说,要么提前处理好。谎言往往因贪念和诱惑而起。一时间,你忘记了可能因为你的举动而受伤害或影响的人。通常我们会知道自己在伤害谁,但出于自私,我们选择忽略他们的感受。当然,我承认每个人都有自己的隐私,而且当这些秘密与其他人没有任何关係的时候,不说无妨。但是记住... "你想别人如何待你,就该先如何待人。“这道理如此的简单。但无论我听到多少谎言...无论多少诸如”哦我的家人来看我了“..或者”我在经纪人那裡“这样的藉口..我不会以牙还牙...因为我的世界不应该是这样的。所以我只会远离这些人,希望我在乎的人,或者我爱的人不会因为我而遇到额外的麻烦。另外一件我自己也正在努力的事,就是当自己犯了错,不要因为尴尬或过于自大而不肯道歉。很多时候,不管你有多担忧,一个真诚的道歉就可以解决问题。不要自大地认为你的谎言天衣无缝,就可以当没事发生。通常情况下,那些谎言都很糟糕,很容易被看穿...但受骗的人会因为爱你而隐瞒下来。而且...你不单只是在伤害他们,而且也在侮辱他们的智慧。你知道...在某种程度上说,表演就是一种谎言。因为你要让观众相信伪装下的你就是真实的你。所以...既然我已经以演绎 /说谎为职业,我就不想在现实生活中重複这些事情了。同时,我认为他人的贬损会令我成长。我能经受得起这些打击,继续前进...就像Rocky说的那样哈哈。






http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo| 物事を整理しようとしたり、身体を鍛えようとしたり、新しいマネージメント会社との契約を決めたり、自分のイマジネーションを書き留めておこうと思ったりしてる…。でも…しばらくすると、疲れてしまう。随分頑張った筈なのに道は歩き始めたときと同じくらいに遠く思える。いわゆる意欲と意志ってやつが必要だ…僕は孤独を好む人間だから…ちょっとネットを徘徊して、聞くべき素晴らしいスピーチを見つけてきた。










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Good luck to you, too!! At first I wasn't sure where you were going with this and I was waiting for the joke. I half expected a vid of your dad. I was with you when you started talking about being lied to and how it affects you. I sometime wonder if it's not that liars don't know the effects on a person as much as they don't care as long as they get their deisred outcome. Personally, I try not to make promises because I don't want to make a liar out of myself if I'm unable to do something. In actuality I'll damn near break my neck trying to keep my word. When I'm unable to do soemthing I said I was going to do, I beat myself up even when others don't. I know people say ".. at least you tried" but that's never been good enough for my efforts. An ulcer by my mid-20s had me singing another tune. Now I try my best to remember to say "I'll try" as opposed to "I will" because you never know what might happen.
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I don't understand people that are too arrogant to apologize for their mistakes. It's as if they think it might kill them that they admitted that they lied or did something wrong. I would respect the person that takes responsibility for their actions versus the coward that thinks that he can just get away with his lies, sins, or whatever.
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Photo 151634
I think one needs to find inspiration whereever it can be found. I think the fact that you distinguish your acting from your real life is the best sign of your growth....alot of people live in their cocoon and never deal with life one way or the other. Good for you that you keep on going....wish you much luck...
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Photo 197077
Yay!! Sammy you're back!! I don't know if you remember I know it was a long time ago... well anywho I told you that you were one of my fav bloggers on here... and you were pretty shocked...lol I wasn't kidding I really do love the way you word things and you're so down to earth. I hear ya when you say never judge a book by it's cover!! I have been wrong many times for doing that and people have been dead wrong about me too. Lying is the easy way out ... it takes a bigger and better person to sit there and tell the truth to someone in their face. Our word is all we have so we should treat it as a precious gem. words to live by: "treat others as you would have them treat you." how one small thing would help make the world a much better place.
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Photo 28824
I knew there was a reason I liked you (well, besides the obvious...), you have integrity! A rare quality these days in a world full of "just do it," me-isms and narcissists. Apparently you and i share the same pet peeves. "they might be thinking they are doing the person a favor by lying and making something up." Gah! How many times have you confronted someone on a lie and they claimed they did it to protect your feelings? Cowards. As Rhett Butler said, they're like the thief who isn't sorry he stole, but is oh so sorry he got caught. And people who can't apologize? I'll resist the urge to rant... ;) Anyhoo, It's good to "see" you Sammy. Always a nice surprise to find one of your blogs in my feed. Take care cutie and don't be a stranger!
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Photo 5614
what a great motivation blog... =) I agree... keep working hard and never stop dreaming... because I believe dreams do come true... ;)
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Al Pacino for president!
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ya, totally agree. telling lies is just a waste of energy, because then you always have to remember who you told what to. hang out with me ... i don't lie!! we can play more l4d!
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Photo 213280
It's always great to see a blog of yours Sammy, full of surprises and inspiring to read but above all else, very very down to Earth and never 'snooty'like attitude, that makes you my favourite artist :) What I see is that you do let too many things get to you (that's my 2cents opinion), and believe me when I say that it will do nothing but harm. I understand that sometimes it's really hard to just ignore it and see it as water off a ducks back (as they say easier said than done) I'm pretty sure that nobody in their right mind would liked being lied to and I'm like you in that respect. Not only don't like it I hate it with a passion and I feel sorry for those people who lies because in the end they are lying to themselves if nothing else. Agreed that acting in it's own way is a lie, but it's call entertainment it's not meant as reality, it brings a little joy, a little tear, a lot of laughter and and a few hours out of peoples mundane lives so please keep it going, we'll laugh with you, cry with you and will come back here to see you rant because this lovely site is where we all get to have a peak into who you are! I'll part here with some golden words from my grandfather, hope it cheers you up or at least bring a smile to your face. He said & I quote... "Nothing is ever hard to deal with if you only remember to smile at yourself in the mirror. It takes more courage to smile at your problems than to frown at it." Take care as always Sammy
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Photo 132630
hiya Cool blog. People that lie, make promises that they have no intentions of keeping or don't know how to admit when they are wrong are really annoying. It's hard to just ignore them and what they have done but they aren't worth wasting time thinking about. It's a pity people can't be like pinocchio and have their noses grow when they lie - it would make life much easier .
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Photo 336476
boy, U r really "SMART". You parents must be so proud of you!Congrats!! Please read my latest CHINESE blog( at least 10 times with sb. who really knows Chinese,) before you say anything else. Good luck...and don't forget you are in China! Welcome on board!
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Photo 23632
wow. great collection of clips. and thanks for sharing ur thoughts!
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Photo 199981
Yes, I agree that it is never good to lie especially at the expense of the other. But one thing I believe is that sometimes the truth will come out if the lier is being cornered. Because once he lied, he will have to create another lie to cover the previous one. And from here we will see how far this guy can go on until the best part is when he found himself full of lies....and it will hit back on him one day as he started the lie himself in the place... LOL.
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Oh... Sammy... Susan Boyle's video is so great! She is incredible! It makes me feel very impressed... I can't help but keep streaming my tears... Thanks for sharing that video.
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Photo 343560
yea agreed! dun form perceptions on 1st look. duh. ppl always do tt. In fact, we all do tt subconsciously. I can't deny i didn't commit the same mistake, opps =/ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. we should do some self-reflection at times.
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一直在忙什么呢 好像很不开心的样子 这么些日子才看见你来 一直很担心你 要好好的 继续加油 我们都支持你 不知道你对于我们的支持怎么看 希望你有感触 虽然这有点像是奢望 你有你自己的事要做 我们不该烦你 可是喜欢一个人 总是希望替他分担 如果你不开心 不要自己闷着 发泄发泄 暴风雨后的天空格外蓝
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Hi Sammy Its sad to hear that as this happens everywhere in the world... we all struggle, sin and make mistakes in some point of our life... Trust in the Lord and Cast all your worry to God.... Life is a Test and we are here Juz for while.... God Bless and Have Faith in God. http://www.jesuscentral.com/ji/jesus-parables-teachings/jesus-commands/jesus-havefaith.php
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I agree with what you've said.
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Wow, what wonderful videos. It's obvious you've been putting a lot of thought into this. What's the head fake?
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Photo 410951
所有的视频都看不到。。。。 切记,下次一定要选内地可以看的网址。。。
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我告诉你哦!骗人可不是一件容易的事,他(她)们要怀着忐忑的心情说出不真实的情况,还不可以脸红、心跳,要镇定自若,因此,他(她)们在说谎的时候就必须得严格控制自己的内分泌系统,这是很难的哦!呵呵呵!而且,有的人会在说谎时过于紧张,导致面部抽搐、痉挛、扭曲,多可怜呀?可是他(她)们自己不一定知道我们已经看穿他(她)们了,还在继续演戏,通常这时候我们可能会因为爱他(她)们或者不忍心而不揭穿他(她)们,其实这时候我们不是也欺骗了他(她)们吗?当然,我想我们也会为自己找到借口说这是因为爱他们,但是这改变不了我欺骗过他(她)们的事实。 再说了,我想世上没几个人会有爱说谎的嗜好!如果这个人对你说谎,那么在他(她)看来就一定有对你说谎的必要性,只是我们自己会觉得没这个必要罢了!对吗? 所以,让我们开怀一点吧!原谅他(她)们,多想想他(她)们对我们的好,记着一个人的好总好过记着一个人的坏要开心的多吧?有谁不会犯错呢?开心一点,不要太执着了!嘻嘻! 希望你加大马力,尽早得到自己想要的!
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Photo 327304
只要我们以一颗真诚的心去对待别人.我们就会问心无愧.如果有人对你说谎,那它是可怜的,因为它无法面对自己的良心,它会受到谴责. 这几天我都没有好好吃饭,因为牙痛,右边的脸都肿了,看到美好的食物也不能吃,只能看,所以现在我很饿.我说的是真话,没有说谎啊.哈哈哈 晚安祝你快乐
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i've been wanting to read your blog for some time now and finally got a chance and am glad i did so your wise insights have reminded me of my mistakes in the past that i continue to make a habit honestly thank you for the reminder so i don't continue to make the same mistakes :) jus wonderin (u dont have to answer), is the rocky balboa clip pertaining to anything personal?
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Integrity--dealing right by people, being truthful, humble, generous and honest--is misunderstood by a lot of people. But it is a worthy goal to want to live life with real integrity. You do it not for any reward that may come your way but for what integrity represents to you and your committment to being a better person and contributing to a better world for everyone. I think that it takes time for integrity to gain critical mass, both in a society and in an individual life. Just because you see no reward for your attempts to live your life with the utmost integrity, don't give up. It may take years, in some cases decades, for that committment and all of the individual actions to build up that critical mass. In time, if not in the short term, it will make a difference, not only in your life personally, but in the lives of everyone you touch and in the world we are all part of.
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Photo 536354
真诚的对待别人,可是别人不一定会真诚的对待你,可是我仍然会选择真诚,至少会让自己觉得对得起自己,相信你也有同样的感受吧。我很喜欢你的性格,你的善良,你的爱心,你的阳光。 很开心自己能喜欢上一个很优秀的榜样。做真实的自己,希望你能每天都过的开心。
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