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Thanx Everyone !! | 謝謝大家!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and the great gifts. I can’t believe another year has gone by already…craziness!! This year I had the most people singing “happy birthday” to me so big thanks to everyone at Panyu who came out and to all the peeps that were at the 24 Herbs video shoot. Love you guys!!

Playing back in my family's hometown Panyu, China!

|  回到我老家-中國番禺演出! |  回到我老家-中国番禺演出!

Soler's new CD is out so check it out. Their birthday is on the 8th too!!

|  Soler發布了新唱片,去聽聽看。他們的生日也在8號!!

|  Soler发布了新唱片,去听听看。他们的生日也在8号!!

It was really cool having 3,000 people sing "happy bithday" and a big cake. Thanks everyone!

|  3000人齊唱”生日快樂”歌,還有一個巨大的蛋糕,很酷。謝謝大家!

|  3000人齐唱”生日快乐”歌,还有一个巨大的蛋糕,很酷。谢谢大家!

Got some dope gifts this year from the fans. You guys rock!

|  粉絲今年送我很棒的禮物,你們超棒! |  粉丝今年送我很棒的礼物,你们超棒!

I also got turned into an anime cartoon. So cool!

|  我也變成了卡通人物,太酷了! |  我也变成了卡通人物,太酷了!

Nothing like b.day cookies!

|  沒什麽比生日餅更好的! |  没什么比生日饼更好的!

Last night we stopped by the 24 Herb video shoot to show our support and to practice our hip-hop "hey-oh's."

|  昨晚我們到24 Herbs拍攝MV的現場支持,學唱hip-hop。|  昨晚我们到24 Herbs拍摄MV的现场支持,学唱hip-hop。

Phat dropping some rhymes!!

|  Phat在唱rhymes!!|  Phat在唱rhymes!!

This is my first time watching Alex work.  He's done some great vids for Coldplay, The Darkness, and some other big bands so I'm sure the 24 Herbs MV is gonna rock. Respect!

|  這是我第一次看Alex工作,他為Clodplay、The Darkness和一些大牌樂隊拍了非常好看的MV。相信這次24 Herbs的MV一定超棒! |  这是我第一次看Alex工作,他为Clodplay、The Darkness和一些大牌乐队拍了非常好看的MV。相信这次24 Herbs的MV一定超棒!

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Photo 5614
sounds cool... love the anime cap... =)
over 12 years ago
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wow, anime Ryan... it was great hanging w/ you guys at the video shoot last night!
over 12 years ago
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I love the anime Ryan cap. Lot of cool and creative gifts from fans. Thanks for sharing the pics. :D
over 12 years ago
Photo 1831
you look cute as an anime character! thanks for sharing the pics!
over 12 years ago
Photo 1967
The anime cartoon of you is sooooo cool!
over 12 years ago
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Your fans baked cookies for you...that's so sweet. Are you going to wear the anime caps? They're so cute. So how old are you this year?
over 12 years ago
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I don't remember if I wished you yet, so Happy Birthday!!!!! Looks like fun, I can't wait to see the new MV! You have the cutest fans! I want to be an anime character LOL :)
over 12 years ago


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