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iAddict !! | i迷!

Well, I broke down yesterday and got the new ipod nano and I gotta say it’s pretty cool.  They also released the new itouch too but since I’m kind of interested in the iphone I decided to wait for that instead.  Since I have a bad habit of dropping my phone and leaving it in taxis I might not get it at all.  Why is it so hard to resist the apple gear?  Once you get your hands on a Mac desktop/laptop it’s almost impossible to not want to buy everything they put out.  If they ever put out an icar I would be so screwed.  Ha!

|  昨天拿到了新的ipod nano,它真是太酷了。蘋果公司還發布了新的itouch,但我對iphone更感興趣,所以決定等它。我的壞習慣是總是把手機忘在出租車上,找不回來。為什麽總是很難抗拒蘋果產品的誘惑?一旦買了蘋果的臺式機或筆記本,就很難不去買其他各種產品。就算哪天他們出了icar,我也會著迷的。哈!

| 昨天拿到了新的ipod nano,它真是太酷了。苹果公司还发布了新的itouch,但我对iphone更感兴趣,所以决定等它。我的坏习惯是总是把手机忘在出租车上,找不回来。为什么总是很难抗拒苹果产品的诱惑?一旦买了苹果的台式机或笔记本,就很难不去买其他各种产品。就算哪天他们出了icar,我也会着迷的。哈!

The new nano plays videos so I can now watch my favorite music videos on our long trips to China.  Ooooo!

|  新的nano能播放視頻,在去大陸的長途旅行中就能看喜歡的MV了。哦!

|  新的nano能播放视频,在去大陆的长途旅行中就能看喜欢的MV了。哦!

My favorite TV show (besides The Simpsons of course) The Office has just released season three on DVD.  At first I refused to watch the US version since I was such a big fan or the original office, but after catching a clip of the second season I must say they have made it even funnier and the latest season just kicks so much @ss.

|  我最喜歡的電視節目(除了《辛普森一家》之外)《辦公室》剛剛發布了第三季DVD。一開始我並不想看美國版,因為我是原版的粉絲。但在看了美版第二季的片段之後,我承認他們拍得更有趣,而最新一季就更棒了。

|  我最喜欢的电视节目(除了《辛普森一家》之外)《办公室》刚刚发布了第三季DVD。一开始我并不想看美国版,因为我是原版的粉丝。但在看了美版第二季的片段之后,我承认他们拍得更有趣,而最新一季就更棒了。

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyO7Fp1PuoM Some of the funniest scenes from The Office!

|  《辦公室》的一些有趣片段!

|  《办公室》的一些有趣片段!

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yep it's hard to resist all the apple gadgets... i just got my first iPod in June... and they are releasing something new yet again... it requires too much moolah to catch up with all their new stuff... hahaa....
almost 14 years ago
Photo 1831
that's a cool looking gadget. My brother loves The Office
almost 14 years ago
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whats the resolution on the screen? i watch vids on my phone, its not bad, a good way to kill time on the bus and train. :-P
almost 14 years ago
Photo 32436
Love the Office. Haven't caught any of the new season! Been busy w/school work...I'll prob have to get/borrow it when it comes out on DVD. :P
almost 14 years ago
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I'm loving the new ipod nano, but seriously can't keep up.... hee hee, I might go broke! =D
almost 14 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
Hey Ryan, how you doin? Mac is always cool, Can't wait for Leopard to release. 'The Office' is so funny, I am going to get it!!
almost 14 years ago
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Oooh, yes, I like Apple stuff. I have an iPod mini, but I was talking to my workmate about laptops and how I like the look of the Apple ones, but my sister said they weren't very user-friendly, but then my workmate says that once you've learnt how to use it, it's more user-friendly than PCs, so I'm gonna get myself an Apple notebook. Not sure which one yet. I'm likely gonna have lotsa Apples!
almost 14 years ago
Photo 1967
Oh, and the new iPod nanos look soooo cute! Much cuter than the old ones did. But I'll stick to the Mini.
almost 14 years ago
Photo 38795
I am looking forward to the season premiere of the Office next Thursday!! =D
almost 14 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
holy that's small!
almost 14 years ago
Photo 37599
What's up, Ryan? Jason here (I'm the gweilo from the 24 Herbs MV shoot that said you resemble Lau Kar-fai!). As a graphic designer, I have been a Mac addict since 1998. Apple really does strive to strike a balnce between form and function, and they pretty much nail it every time with every product they release. But I will still wait til the price of the iPhone goes down, lar!!!! Also, I was skeptical of the US version of the office (even though I am Mei Gwok Yan!), but it has really grown out of the shadow of the UK version to become its own entity, and Steve Carell is a comic genius.
almost 14 years ago


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