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Free9 !!!

Last night I went to A-Yeu's ( 張震嶽) show at Star Hall and it kicked ass!  It was really refreshing seeing such a great artist come to HK and just rock out.  I don't know many artists that can change from really heavy rock stuff to pop to a little hip-hop without compromising his own musical style and edge.  I think if you can define your music without saying anything it goes a long way.  I'm constantly told in HK "if you're playing distorted guitars you have to be rock," or "if you're not playing loud guitars you're pop," or "if you mellow you have to be K-song."  I just think you are your music.  Period. 

| 昨晚去看了阿嶽(張震嶽)在Star Hall的演唱會,超級棒!欣賞如此優秀的藝術家在香港開唱是件賞心悅目的事。我所知道的能夠從真的硬搖滾轉變到流行再到一點點hip-hop曲風,堅持自己音樂風格和個性的藝術家真的不多。不發一言就能定位你的音樂,有很長的路要走。別人總告訴我,在香港”如果彈失真吉他就必定搖滾”,”如果不彈大聲吉他就是流行樂”,”如果你音色圓潤就得唱k-song”。我認為你就是你的音樂,就是這樣。

A-Yue rocking out!  The show also included my good friends Soler that ripped though a couple of their hits and a Green Day's "When September Ends" with A-yue.

| 阿嶽掀起熱潮!他們邀請我的好友Soler唱了幾首熱門歌,還跟阿嶽合作了一首Green Day的"When September Ends"。

Free paper glasses were given out so you can look like your favorite rockstar.  Thanks to A-Yue's camp and  Lee-Hawk for the tickets!

| 免費發放的紙眼鏡,戴著它你看起來就象喜愛的搖滾巨星。謝謝阿嶽的演唱會和Lee-Hawk的票!

TVB interview with Fama's 6Wing was fun this week.  Got to talk about my new single, play a song, and showed off some of the model kits I painted. 

| 這周跟農夫的6Wing接受TVB訪問十分有趣。聊到我的新單曲,表演了一首歌,還展示了我畫的一些model kits。

Messing around with Jan (Qui Hong) on the bongos during Wild Day Out rehearsals.  If anyone needs us backing them up give us a shout, yo! haha.

| Wild Day Out彩排時跟秋紅的Jan一起玩鼓。如果有人需要我們伴奏的,說一聲,yo!哈哈。

Kevin, Glenn, and Virginia getting ready to hit the stage for the afternoon set.  As you can see we still take ourselves very seriously....

| Kevin、Glenn和Virginia為下午的演出整裝待發。就象你們看到的,我們都極其認真…

The crowd this year was great even during the hot afternoon set they were still getting into it. 

| 今年的觀眾很棒,在這麽熱的下午,他們還是非常配合。

Got a little gift from Edison's (陳 冠 希) camp the other day.  No money inside this lucky packet but it has his new single "Money, Money, Money" that uses a sample of one of my dad's songs.  Good stuff!

| 前幾天從陳冠希演唱會得到的另一件小禮物。紅包裏沒錢,但他的新單曲"錢錢錢"改編自我父親的一首歌。不錯!

The new Indiana Jones movie.......I can't wait.....those movies were the best!

| 最新的印地安納•瓊斯電影……等不及想看…這些電影最棒!

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Photo 45602
cant wait too..
about 12 years ago
Photo 22794
Looking Good!
about 12 years ago
Photo 15492
Hey, A-Yue is really great! I almost stand up for whole night!
about 12 years ago
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So did you like the single?
about 12 years ago
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cool, we went to the show tonight. missed you at pat's party!
about 12 years ago
Photo 23902
Those paper glasses are cool!
about 12 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Hey! I'm doing the website for the movie 6-Wing is doing right now. Small world ... Seems like a nice guy, although I don't talk to him all that much when I'm on set. I mostly just stand around twiddling my thumbs.
about 12 years ago
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i love A-Yue's music. i wish you performed with him. that would kick so much ass.
about 12 years ago


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