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All That Jazz !! | 爵士樂!!

I spent some time in the studio last week laying down more guitar tracks.  So far the music is pretty much done on the first 2 singles but we’re just waiting for the Chinese lyrics.  I think you guys will really dig the new stuff so thanks once again for all the patience and support!  In the meantime I started up my Jazz guitar lessons yesterday which is fun but hard.  I’ve never been the type that sits for 8 hours a day practicing but I’m trying to put in more time to become a better player.  All my close friends know that I’ve been listening to Jazz for a long time and that one of my dreams is to have a little combo and just jam on some cool Miles Davis, Grant Green, and Wes Montgomery stuff.   Hopefully I’ll be able to get there one day….. | 上周我在錄音棚花了些時間練習吉他歌曲,現在前兩首單曲的音樂已經差不多好了,我們還在等待國語歌詞。你們一定想聽新鮮旋律,所以在此感謝大家一直都耐心的等待,謝謝各位支持!昨天我還開始了學習爵士吉他的課程,非常有趣但很難。我不是會一天花8小時練習的人,但我需要多花時間才能彈得更好。我的好朋友都知道我聽爵士很長時間了,我的一個夢想是有一個小小的爵士樂隊,彈奏Miles Davis、Grant Green和Wes Montgomery等人的歌曲。希望有天能實現……

| 上周我在录音棚花了些时间练习吉他歌曲,现在前两首单曲的音乐已经差不多好了,我们还在等待国语歌词。你们一定想听新鲜旋律,所以在此感谢大家一直都耐心的等待,谢谢各位支持!昨天我还开始了学习爵士吉他的课程,非常有趣但很难。我不是会一天花8小时练习的人,但我需要多花时间才能弹得更好。我的好朋友都知道我听爵士很长时间了,我的一个梦想是有一个小小的爵士乐队,弹奏Miles Davis、Grant Green和Wes Montgomery等人的歌曲。希望有天能实现……

Tracking acoustic guitar stuff with my baby!  This was my first time at Avon Studios so it was pretty cool working there.

| 跟我的寶貝練習!這是我第一次到Avon錄音室,在這裏工作真是酷。 | 跟我的宝贝练习!这是我第一次到Avon录音室,在这里工作真是酷。

Adding some dirty guitar tracks with my amp at full volume in the other room.  I got to use my new Rory Gallagher 1961 Strat for the first time, fun stuff.

| 在另一個房間用我電吉他的最大音量制造噪音。我第一次開始適應新買的Rory Gallagher1961 Strat,有趣的東西。 | 在另一个房间用我电吉他的最大音量制造噪音。我第一次开始适应新买的Rory Gallagher1961 Strat,有趣的东西。

Finally got my the Eric So glasses.  They're custom made to the size of your face and have really cool details.  Check them out!

| 終於拿到了我的蘇勳眼鏡。他們可以根據你的臉型制作,細節非常完美。看看! | 终于拿到了我的苏勳眼镜。他们可以根据你的脸型制作,细节非常完美。看看!

I got the matte finish with the silver lotus flowers.  Inside you can see the So Fun logo...so clean.

| 鏡架上鑲著銀蓮花。裏面能看到”蘇勳”標誌…相當幹凈。 | 镜架上镶着银莲花。里面能看到”苏勳”标志…相当干净。

If you're learning jam guitar this Loop Station is a must have!  It helps so much because you can loop a rhythm tracks and practice soloing over them.  Perfect for learning jazz or shredding like your favorite glam-rocker!

| 如果你正在練習吉他,一定要買這個Loop Station!它很有用,能循環播放一個旋律,讓你好好練習SOLO。是學習爵士或崇拜的glam-rocker片段的絕佳工具!

| 如果你正在练习吉他,一定要买这个Loop Station!它很有用,能循环播放一个旋律,让你好好练习SOLO。是学习爵士或崇拜的glam-rocker片段的绝佳工具!

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awesome!!!~ new stuff, new music, new learning experiences... =)
over 13 years ago
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i've always been curious how those pedal things work... i have to do some more research...
over 13 years ago
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Nice glasses, lovely design to them. Jazz would be good to include. I loved Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong. Good luck with that
over 13 years ago
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So I was just wondering...it's probably a stupid question...but I'm gonna ask anyways. I went to watch Paolo Nutini last Friday night and I noticed that his bass player was switching from an acoustic guitar to this other guitar. Is that really necessary?
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