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about mobile comic


I'm sorry, I did not update my blog for a long time.

Now, I am drawing the comic that is downloaded by cellular phone and look.

The last entry is manuscript of the comic for mobile.

( ※Please read this entry. )

Thus, it is possible to read by downloading the comics to the cellular phone.

It moves to the following next panel when clicking.

There is such stage effects when the scene is converted.

When the long size panel is displayed, they are displayed as the camera moves.

(※Panning & Tilt)

Like this ↓

However, these japanese mobile comics can be downloaded only by the japanese cellular phone...... ε-(‐ω‐;)


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Photo 37580
ooo cool.
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Photo 45948
>JV hehehe~☆ thx!! The comics to read with the cellular phone has increased in Japan now.
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Photo 1831
That is cool! I wish I could read it in the U.S.
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Ill 11 2011 01
feel so sad that's for 日本國內 only :'(
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Photo 45948
>musicnote & Patrick The function of the Japanese cellular phone is very excellent. It is easy to use it very much. But, japanese cellular phone is considerably different from the standard of a cellular phone all over the world. So, I think that contents of Japan cannot be delivered to foreign countries.
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Ill 11 2011 01
yup, i know that .... in HK , there are many japan cell phone we can get (softbank, do co mo......), but many function can't use , jp cell phone function just can use with jp mobile network ..... so sad :'(
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Photo 45948
>Patrick Japanese cellular phone connected with the Internet only for the cellular phone in Japan. 因為日本嘅手機又有型又方便、所以住喺海外嘅人哋都可以用日本手機就好喇!
8 年多 ago | flag as spam
Ill 11 2011 01
hope so :D
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Photo 45948
>Patrick I also hope so. (о'д')b-☆
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