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Thank you for AnD friends who anxious about us.

This is peaceful scenery of Japan of the truth.

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一睇呢啲iPhone 4 case就覺得眞係好好味呀...流口水(゚ρ゚)


I will buy iPhone4 shortly.

This iPhone4's case looks very yammmmmy!!

This case actually uses the food sample of a traditional culture of Japan.

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Now drawing

I' m working......

Even if I draw or draw, work is not finished.

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New  Year!! あけましておめでとうございます。 今年もよろしくお願い致します。

I go to Hong Kong today. :D

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COPIC illust

Loooooong time no see! How're you doing?

I've been keeping very busy with working (+_+)

This illustration and signature were drawn for the congratulation of my friend.

This illust was drawn with COPIC (※felt-tip pens).

I used COPIC very after a long time. haha!!

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Yesterday, "Wonder Festival" was held in 幕張メッセ(Makuhari Messe).

"Wonfes" is a sale and exhibit of the large-scale garage kit held twice a year that "海洋堂(KAIYODO)" sponsors.

"壽屋/コトブキヤ(KOTOBUKIYA)" of Japanese company dedicated to figurines and Garage kits put a very interesting goods on the market.

It is "Chop saber"!! Lightsaber Chopsticks! LOL

Sales price is 1050 yen.

Chop saber – Luke Skywalker

Chop saber – Darth Vader

Chop saber – Yoda

I want Chop sabers!! (・∀・)



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about mobile comic


I'm sorry, I did not update my blog for a long time.

Now, I am drawing the comic that is downloaded by cellular phone and look.

The last entry is manuscript of the comic for mobile.

( ※Please read this entry. )

Thus, it is possible to read by downloading the comics to the cellular phone.

It moves to the following next panel when clicking.

There is such stage effects when the scene is converted.

When the long size panel is displayed, they are displayed as the camera moves.

(※Panning & Tilt)

Like this ↓

However, these japanese mobile comics can be downloaded only by the japanese cellular phone...... ε-(‐ω‐;)


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My drawing

This pic is work of me who finished it up recently.

I will write details by the next diary.

Please expect it. LOL

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ByeBye 古炉奈

我去咗秋葉原嘅 “古炉奈”。

“古炉奈” 出晒名咖啡好飲、特別係 “水立珈琲”(※蘭式咖啡)好出名。


There is a coffee shop long-established  "古炉奈(CORONA)" in Akihabara.

“古炉奈" is a shop where coffee is very delicious,

and the Dutch coffee is especially famous.

But, this shop will close the store in several days.

The reason for closing the store seem is that the owner decided,

"This shop is made the guild restaurant of the Europe style in the Middle Ages".

He seems to have said, "Make it to the shop that had improved the entertainment".

All the people who go to Akihabara do not want to go to the maid cafe.

There is a person who wants to spend quiet tea time, too.

So, this coffee shop is valuable existence.

How foolish!!

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Ramen cooking robot

This video is a robot that cooks the ramen that the storekeeper of the noodle(蕎麦)shop in Yamanashi(山梨県)developed.

This robot cooks the ramen as the order of the ramen, the mixture of the soy sauce soup, and the noodle are boiled etc.

It is interesting!!


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