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i went to a indian wedding dinner in thailand.

so i had to dress up in indian style.

i haven't been to an weddings for about ten years, the last one was Hacken lee's wedding.

I've always had this perfect scenerio about how a perfect wedding should be.........

but it turned out that i always find myself bored during these celebrations...

i found myself taking pictures of the candles and flowers on the table instead of....enjoying..

so i sat thinking....  imagine this is your wedding....having spent so much effort and time and money into a ""perfect"" wedding celebration....and maybe, only you and your family are the ones who're trully enjoying and cherishing it. Oh as a matter of fact, most of my friends find it so tiring to host a wedding dinner..............and so..... i  was thinking..... why do we always make a big fuss over a weding...isn't it supposed to be just between you and your husband or wife??

    why do so many third party or fourth or fifth party like to get involved in things that might not even be of concern to them? Why do people have so many opiion on how you should lead your life? it's so contradicting cuz maybe these people are having a stuck up life themsleves..?

 my bear's chanting for me..... extra voices go away...extra voices go away......go away and never come back again..

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the wedding industry is just that, an industry! and like McDonalds does marketing to make you want to eat hamburgers, the wedding industry tries to make people believe they need a big wedding with a fancy banquet, lots of flowers, useless gifts and (perhaps most importantly) big, expensive diamond rings! you're right, its about you and your spouse having a ceremony for a milestone. not about showing off to your friends or to your parents' friends... a huge waste of money!
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