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"The World's Biggest Beauty Pageant--For Men" - Ha

Okay for you all who dont know,

yes i took part in a Modelcontest a fewmonths back. and wrote about it on my blog here... had its up and downs... but alot of downs... lol


anyways here is the review about it in details magazine.



Blog From ManHunt



like i said, that was the end of it all....haha but still was all good fun and a great experience. =]

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Lots of downs? Awww! Well, the experience is all that matters! =D Right, Mr. Gorgeous? (;
about 13 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I enjoyed the Manhunt article, Quinn. I was surprised, though, that the writer was able to write such a serious report. It might have been more fun if it had been over-the-top and played for laughs. I wonder why he didn't? He missed a great opportunity, don't you think? Something to talk about 20 years from now--"Yeah, I remember in the summer of '08 when I went to Korea and competed in Manhunt. Hey, stop laughing, that was what they called it. I didn't name the f**king thing."
about 13 years ago


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