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Wow So lastnight was myfirst experience of an earthquake in taiwan... On the 14th floor of our apartment...

so it was about 230 am and i was watching tv... and all the sudden i hear alittle shake and i just thought the ppl upstairs just be getting it on... lol good for them i thought, then it got harder... and damn he musta been giving it to her untill the whole building started to wobble and then i realised "OhhhhShiiiiit" being from Cali and going to publicschools there we have been trained for shit like this. so my first instinct was to bust out myroom shouting on the top of my lungs to wake up everyone who is asleep, (including the damn parrot i now live with and the little dog) and then they started going off crazy as shit! and my flat mate and his mother are awake and im like telling everyone to take cover and hide under somthing... and first i look for the table and then realise its fking made out of GLASS! and i would have gotten so powned up if i were to go under that... and then omg i think there is no where else to hide in this apartment... no beams or nuthing... doorways them self was all wobbling allover so i doveinto teh damn tub... and dont ask me why i did that... coz the bathtub is for hurricanes... so i dont know why that came into my head... i guess i watch toomuch nationalgeographic... lol

so yeah so after about 25seconds or so it finally stopped... and i chilled out and continued to watch tv... was really tempted to open the bottle of absolute i bought from duty free on my way back from bkk...  but then id be a pretty sick fk to be drinking alone and vodkastraight from the bottle... LOL

but yeah the earthquake was a 6.1 on teh scales...

also in taiwan news afew chinese tourist from sichuan were in taiwan sleeping in their hotel and they all ran out of the hotel into the street. and after that they slep in the street for the rest of the night. thats how crazy the earthquakes have impact peoples lives...



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wow, 6.1 is no joke!
almost 15 years ago
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magnitude is large...maybe time to buy some wooden table
almost 15 years ago
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hahaha gee thats the funny thing i think with some ppl from cali is that we never Had that big one... and when its the small ones we just brush it off and lay in bed or what nott... few of my female friends also said when there was a earthquake that was like a 3+ she got so scared that she just froze... lol so it must really suck to have neither fight or flight in your.... but a third option of play dead....
almost 15 years ago
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ahhaha,mine one is in 2002:-) it was fun..hohoho
almost 15 years ago
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lol pat on the 14th floor i dont think anything is going to save me... id just take up the taiwanese philosophy... just lay in your bed and if anything happens atleast your comfortable... haha and omg... today while i was playing COD5 i wasnt sure if i was just getting dizzy from the hours of playing... or low bloodsugar... but i felt things start to shake again... and yes we had another earthquake today... lol thankgoodness not as bad as the first one the other day. =]
almost 15 years ago
I'm sure people would understand if you drank the vodka. One would have to calm his nerves after an earthquake.
almost 15 years ago


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