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Shoot'em up 2nd times the Charm!

okay well scratch all that from last weeks entry... sorry everyone that i did not book in time as it was a wonderful day and it was booked way ahead... this week there are alot of the local players going out that i got to meet and we will be joining them for their games.

otherwise everything else is the same! just instead of the 22nd this time its the 29th!

LOL so lets do this one more time!

all in the FUN of being together and Bonding.... HAHA

price for all day if you have your own guns. etc... 100hkd

price for all day, and rental guns and gear etc... 250hkd


and reminder these are plastic bb's you shoot at eachother, not metal...

and there are rules of engagement for safety reasons, will be gone over the day of event. or if anyquestion ask me.




Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/zJNv1Ct2XUI&hl=en



My New Gun =]




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*metallica's 'killing time' playing in the background* sounds like great fun! I wish I could be there, but coming from europe... 's a bit far :( let us know how it was !! and Shoot 'em down !
over 13 years ago
oh man! i wanna go! but am in taiwan:(
over 13 years ago
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uhhhh sounds like fun
over 13 years ago
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moon- well main protection is for the eyes. otherwise if you dont really care about what your face looks likethen they dont wear a facemask... =P haha Pat- well in airsoft players are awhole notherleague from paintballplayers... airsoft is based on honorsystem. so if your hit call your self out so the game can go on... otherwise im sure you will learn the hard way... when people keep shooting you untill you call your self out... and thenthats not fun. haha char- i would love you to come out here to play and "bust" my ass hahaha i will pwn all up!
over 13 years ago
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arrrrghhhh ! bring it on !!!!! let the wwar games begin !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
over 13 years ago
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Shit i must say sorry everyone, things ended in a flop... called the field and the guy told me since the weather was really nice forthe weekend everybody booked wayin advance... but for all the people who still would like to play im booking this sunda right now... going to just book for 20 people and i really hope we can get that many people to join. again sorry for the flop of events...
over 13 years ago


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