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Shit i got bit!!!

man right when iwas going to upload some pictures and videos... gah, somthing bit me on the foot... like the soft part under neeth... and its a itch like inever felt b4... well yeah, its like when your walking and your feet itch but you cant scratch it... kinda feeling... god... its bad...

anyways will do things tomorrow, damntired after the ckshow. and it went really good =]


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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
So, Quinn, what is it about you and the bugs? In Singapore your pant leg acts like a roach motel, and now this? Do you taste real sweet, or something?
over 13 years ago
Photo 38281
haaa my friend just told me if im a blood type O we just tend to get attacked alot more, because we taste sweet? AHAHa ill take that as a compliment... but not such a good one come to think of it when you only attract bugs... ha..
over 13 years ago


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