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Shit and it did not end THERE!

okay to follow on with my last blog. i was powering off my comp and going into bed.... as i noticed... wtf... my right footbeginning to itch... and i thought hell nooo how the hell...

so eventually i tryted to sleep it off. soon to wake up in a sweat itching allover my body, my neck, face, and arm.... soon had to turn on the AC flip my pilow over to the cooler side, but still would itch and did not know why... so i woke up turnd on the lights and looked into the mirror and said... ohh shit... mother fuckers...

i recall hear a buzzzzz around my ear... and that is a long hated noise and sign since i have been in bangkok... well since ive been in asia .  meaning there is a bloodsucker lurking around watching you while you sleep.... and waiting for you to be in a dream to make its move, and soon turn them dreams into nightmares....

i could not find my anti itching cream for bug bits, iwas sofrustrated and getting really mad... i had neosporrin... dont know what the hell that would do for itches... but it was somthing that i guess helped... as the night went on i left the lights on to sleep. and the attacks stopped... seem like these bloodsuckers wont come out when the lights are on... today i will go prep my self for another night... and will be ready to fuck up anybugs that crawl... or try and even fly near me... well not all bugs, just the bloodsuckers... =] and with roaches crawling up my legg... i did not mean to kill it... kinda got smooshed while i put my hand down to stop it from going anyfurther =P   normaly with roaches id kick them out the house or flush them down the drain... so they could crawl back up some other pipe... in some other apartment.... hahaha

but yeah due to the damn bug bites i now have on my FACE.... i had to tell the agency and ask if they could reschedual my casting for some Skincare TVC... LOL sure as hell iwould have lost that job b4 i even got to sit down and fillout the damn casting papers....

anyways... tonight is halfprice movie tuesdays!!! =D so me n some friends are going to watch a movie. dont kno what yet.... but im still trying to find out if there is anyone who wants to go watch the new Jackie chan Jet li movie on teh 24th?


okay take care folks....

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yay your like my PR, translator, and Dr hahaha love ya ;D thanks
over 14 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
If the bugs come out at night when you turn off the light, and they are in your bed, you could have bed bugs. This can be serious and they are extremely hard to get rid of and require a professional exterminator. They could be living in your mattress or in crack in the walls behind your bed. You need to get this looked at, because nothing you can do will get rid of them on your own. You can't go around HK covered in bed bug bites!
over 14 years ago
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lol thankns leslie, but i have a feeling its them blood suckers with wings... heard the buzzz of them in my ear lastnight... haha and rebecca a bug zapper would be great! ;D silky i think i will just go buy the poison and kill them all! >=D
over 14 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Glad you heard the buzz. Winged thingies are easier to get rid of (and less abundant) than bed bugs.
over 14 years ago
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*YAWN*.... pussy whining!!! *YAWN AGAIN* LOL
over 14 years ago


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