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OKAY EVERYONE so here we gooooo!

i am sorry for the great deal of lag... yet again... but if you all know me then eh. haha been busy and also have alot of down time now... given the current situation...

well okay where to start? for my 6days there in korea i had a real good experience hanging out with all the fellas, and just walking around few places we were at. went to some "park" with like a stream runing down it... lol but in LA it would be a city drain... but they had it really cleaned up they did. and while our whole group got off the buss, you just saw abuncha korean girls walking up to us and screaming almost and wanting to take pictures with us... AHAHA man it was a funny thing. so kinda got the feeling of what its like tohave a fan club?

Yea the Back StreetBoys! Kareoke group.... HAHA we won first place in the contest bythe way ;]

Norman the Translator!reallygreat guy took care of us and took us out. even knowing he was not being paid for that...

she is the tv producer

wo men do shi zhong guo ren! lmfao that was the song they sang.

well and after i guess i and few other guys were selected for a special shoot by the korean tv channel... so we went down to the korean spa house. and it turned out we shot a damn TVC for them free of charge and the manhunt organisation took the money and i guess claimed it all in sposor pay... so they took it all... and i did a tvc for free... wtf... but yeah the spa was interesting... once we walked in all you saw was bncha nakid dudes walking around. not even have any towles... and yeah... you can get the picture... i dont tink i need to describe much more besides the western culture and asian is really diffrnt. haha but yeah they also have a lounging area where men and women go to sleep, eat, watch tv, and rest. but ppl have to wear cloths there. haha but there we also ended up having fans... but an older base. these older women in like their 50s 60s came up to us and was all telling us how to use the sauna and how to stretch... haha and then some of the other guys were teaching the women how to do situps. lol all on TV.... man  so yeah that was may first time in a sauna where it was 75c and then went to a ice room where it was -2c

dinner? yeah think it was....

but yeah besides all the good experience and then the bad... the whole damn contest was a sham. few times have over heard the board in the officetalking about who the judges are an who they wanted in top 5. and all this was 2days picked befor the contest it self. but yeah after knowing this sorta thing its like what the hell, nothing i can do much make the best of this here... otherwise everything would just be more shit. another thing that pissed everyone off was that the host "MR O" was a korean "Cheapskate". took so much money from the sponsors. and thisevent had some pretty big sponsors in korea. so we got stuck with shit rooms food and venue, a freaking NightClub.. fuck for crying out loud last year it was in some big ass theature or somthing... and t think this was on live tv in korea.. so we also had to do a dance in our speedos and the stage was so damn small, as well we only had like 3 or 4 hours to practice the whole week. so yeah guess what... when it was our turn we fucked up and choked on live tv.... Hawaii and Greece have no rythm so they screwed up and was off count and ppl get lost because of them, then i looked around still doing my ting and noticed every one was fucked. and another guy was just standing there witha pissed off look and his arms crossed... so i just said of fuck this... jumped out and started to freestyle... YES FREE STYLE in BLUE WATER PANTIES. then all the sudden i busted out a booty shake and the girls wentcrazy... haha so that was my highlight? but yeah then when they announced top 15 it sucked that i didnt even make that. but what can you do. i was shocked when alot of the guys came up to me after the contest asking what happend they all thoughtid be atleast top 5. so who knows. the contest was over and then all we wantedto do is just party... so i go have dinner with ohm and then drop mythings off at the hotel and go back to the club. and the instant i walk in... holly shit every one was drunk and i saw every guy with a girl.. korea girls were crazy all over every one there! so it was good fun. these girls spoke english for the most part. think they were high class? then the next night most the guys left, and us who stayed an extra day went to the university to see how things wre there, and it was much cooler. younger crowd and cheap food. but then when we get into the clubs there are alot of people and on stage where the dj booth is... there are like 3rows of ppl standing there facing the crowd... and then they start dancing the danceto which ever song was playing... and funny thing is they look so stupid doing so. like they dont want to be there... but they feel like they are cool for just being there though. lol so lame. well yeah and then there was the part where every one would stare at us... like foreal... the way we dressed compared to them... i must say yeah we looked like models... and they were the tipical young crowd with hip hop gear and all that. so girls would like avoid us when we dance or speak with them or they just didnt speak english at all... lol so lame... and then guys would just dog us... so that was what ever also... never felt so out of place be for... specialy with hiphop knowing thats my background in la...

our group

sooojuuuuuu lol is that how you even spell it? anyways did not know they sold by the carten... hahaha


i guess that is why moroco won, i didnt have enough of them thats why... lol

bored during rehursal day of the show....

Macedonia on Guatamala lol its how it seems....



Official Final Results

Manhunt International 2008: Abdelmoumen El Maghraouy, Morocco

1st runner-up: Egill Arnljots, Sweden

2nd runner-up: Cesar Vargas, Costa Rica

3rd runner-up: Lee Jae-Hwan, Korea

4th runner-up: Claudio Furtado, Angola

Semi-Finalist: Top 15:

6th Place: Yang Yao, China

7th Place: Romeo Gates, India

8th Place: Thiago Testoni, Brazil

9th Place: Mingo Lin, Hong Kong

10th Place: Brandon Michael Anderson, United States

11th Place: Samuel Adam Whitman, England

12th Place: Anthony Warren, Panama

13th Place: Koen Van de Voorde, Luxembourg

14th Place: Orlando Delgado, Venezuela

15th Place: Marvin Wijangco, Philippines

so yeah over all expericne was good seeing every body and just experience korea, wish i got to see more of the touristy stuff. and i think i want to go back to kroea some day again... girls there are beautiful ^_^

And again must thank ohm for getting me in manhunt otherwise would not have the chance to do all this. =]

We ate at some korean hot pot place? lol cost 6$ for both of us... so cheap.

korean BUM man even he got a suit... but na there are not really any bums in korea, when you see guys like this its because they disshonored their family and can no longer suport them, and usually caused by gambling debt.

can any one guess what this is for?


okay umm dont know if i left anything out... but yeah... i guess the time off in sydney is what i needed to brush up on my blogs? lol


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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
I kind of suspected this contest wasn't exactly above board when I saw that to vote you had to pay, with a credit card. Well, at least you managed to have some interesting experiences, and maybe even some fun while in Korea. Let's hope Sydney improves. If not, well, that trip will be over soon enough and you get another chance to have something good happen. When sucky things happen, about all you can do is look to the future when the slate is wiped clean and you get another chance for things to work out better in the next round. Hang in there.
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Photo 89385
condom! hahaha
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Photo 89385
Big Irish guy.. with the big muscles!
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Photo 38281
im Wearing nothing under the "kilt" not a scotish skirt... ha, irish kilt. but na jk i was wearing my swim wear underneith to change out of after. save time =] and ren the tattoo is tibetan sandscript "AH" and flames of protection around it. and nana.... why is your mind so much you know... lol never mind i wont ask.. but yes CONDOMS hahahaha now i need to write about my eh experience in sydney! lol atleast i got tons of pictures! =D
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damn u half breeds gotta look good my almost roomate is half too. and i hate him also :)
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Photo 23329
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