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Few Snaps here Few Snaps there


Just pictures i snapped around n about while here the past few weeks. =]

all the pictures were shot on the shooting location where we were shooting the singapore tourismvideo. to help promote the purdy places here in SG.

well there are more ill post up again. well picutres of the locations anyways... lol not just randomthings...


little india

hostle in little india we had the a scene to shoot. seems like i play a backpacker who goes around SG taking picture? =]

believe it or not i took this my self... haha





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Photo 38281
not quite the floor, but hand resting on my foot =P so a few inches above the floor... =]
over 13 years ago
Photo 38345
the interesting things about all this is I actually think you start to develop some keen eye and visual sense...not bad for someone totally incompetent like you.. :-) lol so if you start to observe your surrounding more and learn to be an opportunist, you can actually come up with a group of nice pictures. all you need is just passion.. and strong desire to share your perspective to the world. love me
over 13 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Photography, like so many things in life, mostly requires two things--passion and practice, practice, practice. Keep taking pics of the things that catch your eye. Soon enough, you'll see why certain things catch your eye more than others, and you'll be on your way to defining/refining your artistic vision. You also look like you're having a lot of fun with this! What better reason to keep doing it. :-)
over 13 years ago
Photo 38281
the Danz... man no doubt about that, and im breathing in every bit of it... and doing my best to share with all the peeps back home. just wish had more contact with yall. happy 21st my friend.
over 13 years ago
Photo 38281
thank you silky glad you like them, even knowing im a newb at it... its somthing fun im starting and would like to buy a REAL camera soon...haha
over 13 years ago
Photo 38281
yup, well it use to be a huge church and a courtyard... but its been turned into abuncha restraunts... lol and shops....
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