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Calling all STAR WARS NERDS!


For all of you fans who are into the starwars games and have played Knights of the Old Republic or better known as (KOTOR) and (KOTOR2). Bioware and LucasArts have a new game, in the making! an EPIC GAME amatter of fact... Star Wars The Old Republic is a MMO still in the making but hell... this game is Larger than the WoW on a Galaxy Level...

compared to other starwars games i know on action and battle aspect there are prolly better. but this game also includes its mainfocus on Character Development(dark or light), Story,and Exploration.

ah hell ill just post up the links to the videos and you guys and see for your self =]

btw the trailer was so well done i think it coulda just been its own damn mini movie. lol =P





for more info about the game such as character class, worlds, and factions you can scope out more at the website.


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u can kill me if you want.... i hate star wars! ARGH >_<
over 14 years ago
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LOL pat yeah man i know, you got lots of work to be doing... or WHAT IF YOU CAN DO ALL THAT WORK WITH IN THE GALAXY??? ;D Lol im trying to start an AnD guild! for a game thats not even out yet... im hard core when it comes to starwars rpg games. specially kotor... i normaly hate rpg games but this had the whole action pack and the fact you can choose your own path to guid your character to the ligh or dark side is what i loved the most =]
over 14 years ago
:o star wars is badass xD
over 14 years ago


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