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A few nights ago, I received a phone call from a familiar voice informing me that she ( the speaker) was in Hong Kong and would like to have dinner and a chat with her God brother (namely, yours truly).  


I can still remember stepping off the plane ontoHong Kongsoil and into an industry that comprises more cliques than an upper middle classUnited Statessuburban high-school.  You can imagine how hard it was to make friends close enough to be called your family in that type of environment.  Miraculously, I was blessed with several from the get-go and they are still my closest friends today.  Like my brothers Onimal and V.Dubb (both of whom need little introduction), Monica, was one of those friends close enough to be called family.


Having relocated to theCaliforniafor work in western productions, it has been some time since I last saw Monica and her call was a pleasant surprise.  However, I was a bit held up at the moment (as I have been as of late) and postponed our meeting to the next afternoon.


Before long, the next afternoon arrived and I learned that she was in town for some press conference concerning some TV 'reality' show about some 'amazing' race that she took part in.  Whatever the reason for her visit, the first thing I thought when I saw my old friend was, “huh? Is the water inCaliforniatainted with magic? Cause I’m certain you got taller…”  After much discussion, she has “apparently” always been 5’8”…

| 幾天前,我接到了來自一個熟悉聲音的電話,她(來電話的人)說人在香港,打算跟她的兄弟(就是 在下)一起吃晚餐和聊天。




| 几天前,我接到了来自一个熟悉声音的电话,她(来电话的人)说人在香港,打算跟她的兄弟(就是 在下)一起吃晚餐和聊天。




"you're not 5'8"...  I'm like almost 5'10", I mean, there's no way you're 5'8" all of a sudden..."

| “你不是5尺8寸…我差不多5尺10寸,我的意思是,你不可能突然变成5尺8寸高…”

ah... this "high above the forehead angle friendster/myspace/facebook type shot" (with the camera closer to my head) will give the impression of my true height of almost five feet and ten inches to the viewers...

| 啊…這張”在前額上方的friendster/myspace/facebook類型快照”(相機靠近我腦袋)將會告訴各位我真實的身高差不多是5尺10寸… | 啊…这张”在前额上方的friendster/myspace/facebook类型快照”(相机靠近我脑袋)将会告诉各位我真实的身高差不多是5尺10寸…

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Jrs 8c 1405439596528
Maybe she's just wearing high heels!!!! (Hopefully, you won't find a horse's head in your bed tomorrow morning...a gift from da fam-a-ly!)
over 12 years ago
Photo 41060
有點看不懂~可能是翻譯器直接翻譯的關係巴 A little understands ~ possibly is the interpreter direct translation relates Pakistan (翻譯) 幾夜前, 我接受了一個電話從熟悉的聲音通知我, 她(報告人) 是在香港, 會想談一談晚餐和與她的上帝兄弟(即, 敬上) 。 我能仍然記住跨步飛機香港土壤和入包括更多派系比一所上中層階級美國郊區高中的產業。您能想像多麼它艱苦將交朋友足夠 接近告訴您的家庭在那類型環境。神奇地, 我保祐了與數從得到去並且他們今天仍然是我的親密的朋友。像我的兄弟Onimal 和 V.Dubb (他們倆需要一點介紹), Monica, 是那些朋友的當中一個足夠緊密叫做家庭。 被調遷對加利福尼亞為工作在西部生產, 這是某個時候自從我看見最後Monica 和她的電話是宜人的驚奇。但是, 我是位元當時 被阻止(如同我後自) 並且延期了我們的會議對第二天下午。 不久, 第二天下午到達和我獲悉, 她是在鎮為某一新聞招待會關於某一電視' 現實' 展示關於她參與在的某一' 令人驚訝的' 種 族。什麼她的參觀的原因, 第一事I 認為當我看見我的老朋友是, "哼? 水在加利福尼亞被感染以魔術嗎? 起因我肯定您得到了更 高... " 在討論以後, 她"明顯" 總是5'8 "... "您不是5'8"... 我幾乎是像5'10 ", 我意味, 那裡是您是5'8" 突然... "的沒有方式 啊... 這"高在前額角度friendster/myspace/facebook 類型之上被射擊" (與照相機離我的頭較近) 將給我真實的高度印象幾乎五 英尺和十英寸觀察者...
over 12 years ago
Photo 16452
She looks 5'9 ish. Thats tall.
over 12 years ago
Photo 37783
watever hw tall is UR gODsISTER maybe she played basketball..haha...anyway, she is pretty n sexy....haha...yea, its hard to find a true fren esp in the ent industry and even in our working careers...but than,we know DUBB is someone that loyal to friends...so worthy to have a best frens like him...haha...CHEERS PHIL
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ya, i was thinking maybe she's wearing heels...
over 12 years ago
the funny thing was that she wasn't wearing heals... my next guess is that Hong Kong's water is tainted with an evil black magic that reduces peoples' height...
over 12 years ago
Photo 37973
woo, what a beautiful member in your close family! Don't care so much about her height. It's just for shortening the distance between u. hahaha.
over 12 years ago
Photo 42664
Well, the hat might be obscuring it but, being around 5’8” myself, I’d say the height difference is about right in the picture… I am, however, no judge of how tall she was before , though from my experience California has no magic height inducing water since the most recent time I lived there I got no taller and most of my friends there are shorter than me (though I could just attract short friends). Perhaps you’re right about the black magic…
over 12 years ago
Photo 37685
i'm glad You and your GodSister meet again and hope you had fun together...
over 12 years ago
Photo 41934
You know, my brother gets that same expression of frustrated justice and suspicion when he comes home to discover that I, his little sister, am taller than he remembered. Seeing as neither of us have changed in height for the past seven years at the very least, I'm not quite sure how he always forgets that I'm not as short as I "should" be...
over 12 years ago
Photo 5614
hehee... it's great to see good friends and family... OH!!!! if California is tainted with magic water, could you ask her where I can get some? I could use some inches... ;)
over 12 years ago
Photo 1831
That's nice you could see her again! Nice dimple in the last pic!
over 12 years ago
Photo 1967
I just saw the first episode of that!!!! She's on the team of girls who care more about what they look like! Haha, I thought they were funny. Well, if the Kiwi gets out, I'll start rooting for her - no one tell me who wins or who gets out when! I love this show and the not-knowing is the best part!
over 12 years ago
Photo 23048
Maybe she was wearing heels, eh? I have the same height as you have, how funny!
over 12 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
she must be 'heightening' (old seinfeld joke...)
over 12 years ago
Default avatar
It's nice you get to "catch up" on old times.
over 12 years ago
Photo 37807
always awesome to see friends u havent seen for a while...so much to talk aboutt=D.a lot of catching up to do
over 12 years ago
Photo 37318
Oh...seen your godsister on tv last thursday at AXN channel...preview of the 'The Amazing Race Asia'! Cool team - Monica and Edwin...hmmm asia's version of 'Amber and Rob' eh...those 2 were the USA version gameshow's infamous villains! "P http://amazing-race-asia.axn-asia.com/season2/teams/edwin-monica/index.html But I am rooting for Singapore's Adrian & Colin...coz me Singaporean! kakaka
over 12 years ago
Photo 37975
It's good for you to meet your Godsister. My Godsister....long time no see her...I'll call her~!
over 12 years ago
Photo 32096
hello philip, good to see you here!
over 12 years ago
hey man ... i will go visit HK on the 15th ... hope i can get to see u if we got time ...! will u be there ? ADI
over 12 years ago
Photo 34078
Your photos and captions are always funny!
over 12 years ago
Redgate profile
Good times... Unfortunately, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I can confirm that there are no magical properties to induce vertical growth in the water. As a transplant from Oregon to Cali, I'm still regrettably at my 5'6" height. Btw, why in the world do you have an Oregon hat?!
over 12 years ago
Default avatar
You're 5'10? I thought you were 5'6.
over 12 years ago
Photo 46005
Nice video!I wish you all the best!
over 12 years ago
Photo 158523
It's called heels man.
over 11 years ago
Photo 158523
5'10..*looks up*
over 11 years ago


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