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Struggle! I am struggling on this one...  I should feel happy because we are the only independent band can join this concert? Or we are selling out??? 

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to beat the establishment, gotta work with the establishment sometimes... methinks!
over 15 years ago
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over 15 years ago
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Naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! The bigger audience you can reach, the better! Sellout to me is if you adjust your style to the majority's preferences. But as long as you are being yourselves: Go for it!
over 15 years ago
Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Making money does not = selling out. Not being true to who you are = selling out.
over 15 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
Dont worry man!!..Its not selling out its a positive thing to have a group like u guys out there!!!....And dont worry bro u guys are a group not a band cus bands have instruments so dont worry man and u guys arent underground as well!...U guys are HK represent hiphop stars!!!...go go go!!! stay positive...
over 15 years ago
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What Kevin Boy said..
over 15 years ago
Jayson 93 2
非常好!!! It's just another way of getting your music out there.
over 15 years ago



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