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For my Hardpack brothers!

It's kinda emo last night because that was my last show for Hardpack! For the past 3 years i was so happy can jam with you guys, share all the good and the bad. That was a priceless experience!

  How can i forgot the Malaysia tour, long ass trip on the high way, Glenn holding a jag of beer every night after show, singing Tai Chi song together, getting tattoo with Kevin after show!... How can i forgot KK's bad habit ( honestly that's y i love u the most because your punk rocker attitude, take off pants and cloths  when you arrived band room every single time, never close the door when you take a shit...!) How can i forgot every man's talk, moving band room from the 5th floor to 13th. How can i forgot Every single show we did especially Rock it festival we all wearing alive t's and TVB live! So many many good memory we been through! U guys are just so awesome. I just can't ask for more. Brothers... i am so proud of u guys last night, u guys killed it at the poly show! Thank you for the wake up arrangement... honestly my tears almost drop but i hold it because i don't want to be gay!

The reason i quit mainly because i feel seth and kk can sing way better than me! That is the fact! No Doubt!

Kevin: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to join Hardpack! I love u brother! KK: Thanks for giving me the chance to be a ' Punk Rocker' Seth: Thanks for singing with me every single show and teach me how to play China Big 2...! Glenn: Thanks for the positive thinking and encomium even though i sing sucks! Brothers... I promise i will do my best at 24herbs and i won't let u guys down! Peace



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i am getting all emo just reading that (except for the part about taking a shit w/ the door open). . .
about 16 years ago
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Aww, very moving... sorry I missed the show... Support and respect for ah Phat! :)
about 16 years ago
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i luv u 2 ..... i m proud of you . thats y i edit the ringtone for everyone.
about 16 years ago
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i guess you know i dun express my feelings easily, so lets just keep it all in our hearts, you know i will always be there and we'll always be bro for life.
about 16 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
Ummm.......heart shine and we are all proud of u bro!!,,,Frm LMF till now umm...its just been too long that i have been in a band with u so no need to say anymore...HEART SHINE BABY!!.......No matter hardpack or 24 herbs we all still STAND AS ONE!!!!!
about 16 years ago



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