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I know it's been a long time i didn't update my little blog, u know y right? heeeeeeeee... Anyway this is the appetizer... Singapore tattoo convention! My friend Harry... use only 4 months to done his back... Crazy!  The first night in Singapore, some of tattoo lovers were drunk and i ask them to took off their tee's to let me took pictures! They didn't say anything and did it for me! So nice![](/attachments/2009/02/34654_200902031524281.thumb.jpg)The best back piece at the conventionYes... i got new tat again! This time is a Iron Man, why... because my tattooist Dennixx need a model to join the competition. Most realistic and Tattoo of the day! And Chris Garver  from Miami Ink! Compare with Beijing tattoo convention, this one is more clean and systematic. I had a great time there just one little thing was i staying at Harry's place and he is a club manager, so i had to wait for him finished work every night at the club... imagine how crazy was that! haaaaa...!More to update... stay tune my friends! 

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bro, now onli free to update your blog.. seem kinda busy wo.... how been goin ?? everything good ?
over 15 years ago
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woah, thats fandom! now you have something to talk about if you ever meet Robert Downey Jr!
over 15 years ago
wow cool man !!!
over 15 years ago



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