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  1. The depression scene in the Julia Michaels' lyric video.

Again, smoke machine blasting away #Riverdale style. A 800 boucing boucing the ceiling and one on the left side bouncing the back wall as we wanted the window to be the main light.

And lets not forget the talented @kutke who not only acted but also helped out a lot during the pre-production and production. Second time I worked with her First time being on @jamessayermusic music video. Check it out. Called #sweetbabyjane. @kutke is also a talented photographer so give her a fol...Read more

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Setup for a commercial I did yesterday. Ursa 4.6k with a #Zeiss CP2 set of 18, 35 and 85. I did miss the 24 as the 18 was way too wide for the shoot. I do have to say I was more comfortable with the #Xeen lenses and the image looked a little better for my taste but will see how the CP2 did when the rushes are uploaded and graded.

What do you guus prefer Zeiss or Xeen? In the end it's just a matter of taste as both lenses are great.

cp2 #camera #blackmagic #ursa #ursa46k #lenses #cinematography #commercial #film

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  1. One of my favorite scenes, the transgender one. It was the one that took the longest to set up but the one we shot the quickest as @richard.dee.roberts was just perfect. He just nailed the part. Emotionally. Subtle acting that was just perfect. As for the lighting I got 1.6k tungsten blasting through the window and a small led on the right side to give a little push to the side of the actors' face. And ofcourse the smoke machine, #Riverdale style.

juliamichaels #issues #video #directing #producing #musicvideo #lyricvideo

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  1. This scene actually had a lot of discussion in the youtube comment section. Starring the great @timothystylesactor and Dean Coach as a coupke having relationship problems.

Shot in a house decorated by super talented Sarah Wallis.

We used 2x800w and 1x250 with a smoke machine to soften everything. Again, #Riverdale is such an inspiration for me.

juliamichaels #issues #video #directing #producing #musicvideo #lyricvideo

london #director #dop #monday #bts #London

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One of the best brunches in #Ghent.

Most definitely the one with the best setting.

Gent #brunch #sunday #Ghent #zondag

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  1. The homeless woman scene of Julia Michaels' lyric video with the great Andrea Mentlikowski.

Can anyone guess where it was shot?

Side note: The guy walking by on the right is me. In every scene shot outside you have a guy walking around. Ans that was me. You can say I am the red thread in the story. Haha.

juliamichaels #issues #video #directing #producing #musicvideo #lyricvideo

london #director #dop #camdenmarket #regentpark #thursday #bts #London

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  1. Next scene of Julia Michael's lyric video "Issues" features the talented @danniibarnes and Hyerim Kim in a breakup situation.

Shot on a bridge North of Regent Park.

Close to my favorite spots in London: Camden Market and Primrose Hill. Little secret: I always plan my shoots around @camdenmarketldn As I always go to @honestburgers @chinchinicecream And @flourstation

juliamichaels #issues #video #directing #producing #musicvideo #lyricvideo

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  1. The teenager scene with the incredible Jordon Draggon in Julia Michaels' lyric video.

Now that scene was a tricky one. First of all the room was from a toddler so we had to redress the whole thing. It was also shot during the day and the sun was blasting through the windows. Meaning we had to kill all external light sources. We used a tungsten 250w against a white wall on the right to give a little light on the scene and for the actor we just used the phone on the highest setting. Then I smoked the room #Riverdale style to give a softness to...Read more

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  1. The second scene of the Issues lyric video for Julia Michaels had these two great actors in it: @afro.byrne and @jessicapryanka_ shot at @fernandezandwells. There was a french waitress that wanted tonsee the video when it got out. Well here it is.

This is actually the second time I use that location in a music video. It's just such a nice location, plus the people are friendly and the food is great.

So we shot this scene on our second day. Me and Marcus were knackered since we were up since 4am and had around 3hours of sleep. But the ...Read more

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  1. The video I did for @imjmichaels' song "Issues" is finally out.

I'm gonna do a bts covering the different scenes in the video.

The concept of the video was to do a continous travel, left to right, passing over different issues. We couldn't have acchieved that without the @djiglobal' ronin. Everything was shot handheld with it, on a fs5 and a 35mm #Zeiss by @cgfilm. The opening shot and closing shot of the video was done during the sunrise on Primrose Hill. I love Primrose Hill. Picking the sunrise there, witj th...Read more

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